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Rita Kachru

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More idiots on Facebook: this one yapping that anything claiming to be natural medicine is ‘Snake O il’

I gotta take a break from this Facebook group…too many people passing me off with their small sided ignorance. Geezus.

This was my response to a post that basically said ‘if it’s natural, it’s snake oil, because there’s ‘no medical research’’

Had to shut him down good 😡


Fact: Multiple doctors *insisted* I start Statin Drugs due to high cholesterol. Fact: I refused, and after one month of taking 1,000mg daily of Cod Liver Oil Pills (Carlsons, which I bought on Amazon), I *dropped* my cholesterol over 100 points. My physician at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles has all my records and proof.

“No Medical Research” is the phrase used to dismiss anything that’s natural and therefore can’t be patented. Therefore, until non-profits start funding ‘research’ for natural products (there’s no money in researched non patentable items ), WE ARE THE MEDICAl RESEARCH. Groups like this one on Facebook, talking with each other, exchanging war stories, what worked, what didn’t, that’s how we learn and can help each other get through this.

If you read about the history of the medical field, then you know many medical practices that were considered ‘standard of care’ at the time, were later proven to be more harmful than doing nothing. Good doctors know this, wise patients know this too.

I agree there’s a time and a place for conventional medicine — and conventional medicine has saved my life *countless* times — but we also have to keep our minds open to other options available beyond ‘standard of care’, options that doctors may even believe could help but won’t officially recommend because of the legal structure/medical board rules they are bound to.

Thanks why it is so critical—for all us—to have a great relationship with our doctor. Your doctor should be your best friend. You should totally trust him or her, and **just as importantly** —your doctor should trust you—

Your doctor should trust that you understand the legal pressures they’re under, trust that you understand medicine is hard and they don’t have all the answers, and trust that just because there’s a complication, doesn’t mean the doctor made a mistake or did anything wrong. Trust is absolutely critical to getting the best medical care you can get.

If a doctor feels pressured, or corned (or they just don’t like you), the doctor will then just give you the party line — ie, the current standard of care — because sticking to the current standard of care means they’ll be protected if they get sued and they won’t lose their license. But if they trust you? Then, they might whisper that they once had a patient with high cholesterol who dropped it 100 points with Cod Liver Oil, so this patient avoided Statin drugs and all of the potential complications that can go along with taking Statins.

But a doctor is only going to whisper that knowledge if they absolutely and completely trust you.

My doctor? He now takes Cod Liver Oil himself, and he’s never taken an herb in his life. He saw for himself I didn’t change my diet or exercise or anything, I just took Cod Liver Oil. He was more shocked then I was.

‘Natural’ medicines do work. Yes there are scams -there are scams everywhere — but they do work. We just have to keep talking and listening to each other until someone gets around to funding the studies we need to ‘prove’ it. ❤️

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Geezus people are mean when someone is suffering.

I just posted this in a Facebook group I belong to, it’s a ‘cancer survivors’ group, and a recent new member starting posting all about her mysterious health problems without a diagnosis…

So someone posted a pretty mean comment, ‘are you a hypochondriac? Sounds like you want to have cancer’, etc etc, pretty mean stuff.

(Seriously, why can’t people just leave that meanness at home? It took more effort for him to make that comment (and even to think it), then it did for him to just delete the post and move on—

Anyhow…I had to speak up…as a person who went through (and is still going through…), having a mysterious illness without answers, I know how mean these comments can be and how much they can hurt—

Do hypochondriacs exist? Of course. Do serial killers exist? Of course. Do every time you walk into a bar and talk with a stranger, do you think they’re a serial killer? Of course not.

Too much jumping to the diagnosis of ‘hypochondriac’ (or ‘anxiety’) in the medical field right now…why? Because it lets doctors off the hook. If your parent is a hypochondriac, then you don’t have to help…you don’t have to listen…

And it’s very cruel…


I understand your frustration, but sometimes when people are suffering badly with a disease they don’t know how to put it into words (and that’s how people can sound like a ‘hypochondriac’ — they’re not wording themselves correctly).

If Jenny’s scans all come up negative, then she very well might have a bad autoimmune disorder (and not cancer), which means that this isn’t the correct group for her, but we should still have compassion for her and her fight to get answers.

When people are suffering without an answer, they might scramble and cry for help in random places, but even if the cry is in the ‘wrong’ spot, we should still have compassion and try to help her get to the ‘right’ spot. No one wants to have cancer, it’s just a representation of the degree of suffering. For example, I once thought I had a brain tumor, but it turns out I had lesions from MS — still a pretty crappy disease (though I have cancer somewhere else now).

Did my friends ridicule me later because I had told them I thought it was a brain tumor? Of course not. Because my suffering was real and I definitely needed help. I know it’s frustrating to suffer with cancer, and we can even be jealous of those with other ‘bad’ health problems (because let’s face it—cancer is worse than most problems—ie, I’d rather have lupus than cancer—), but all of these serious diseases are all bad, and they each have immense suffering that go along with them too…

When in doubt, compassion ❤️

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Dogs are such wonderful companions when you’re not feeling well ❤️

Download Attachment

Available until Aug 11, 2018

Cookie and I can just lay in bed all day together and sing 😍👍.

Click to DownloadIMG_5539.MOV
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“You were adopted” Irish Twins — different memories from the same experiences .

The funniest part of having an Irish twin, is that one of us remembers things the other had forgotten. Shannon and I have been discussing this father issue (that we have the same mother but different fathers, in spite of what our birth certificates say), and we’ve been reminiscing lately over how our entire lives people have commented on how different we look, and behave, etc

then Shannon said “you know Tara, you used tell me I was adopted”.

(Ouch. Bad sister!)

We both laughed nowof course — over 30 years later through the humorous sands of time we can see now how that it wasn’t that I was trying to be mean,

My telling her she was adopted was my child minded way of trying to process people’s endless comments/jokes/remarks, in a time in my life when sex was years from my comprehension (let alone that someone can ‘cheat’ or ‘have affairs’ or whatever explanations, that could explain why two siblings look nothing alike—

Looking back on those years of the unknown, knowing what we know now, it’s such a huge relief. I didn’t even realize how much we had worried Mom was hiding some kind of big dark secret, until the truth revealed actually a light in an otherwise dark time in her life.

And the truth? that Mom had found someone sympathetic to the abusive situation she was in, a nice guy, someone who cared about her, and perhaps because of the isolating abuse, her age (19), and lack of education and contacts (no high school degree and she wasn’t working),

a nice friend of the man who was abusing her was one of her few, if only, choices available to her for assistance—

And he honored it, he was there for her, but perhaps not to anger his friend, didn’t want to step on any paternity wars with his best friend, so he quietly let his best friend (my father) put his name on his daughter’s birth certificate, probably thinking it would be best for his daughter and for my mother at the time—

Now cut to 30 years later…still best friends, still honoring an unspoken code of silence, until finally the older sister — the one who had internalized all of the teasing comments all of those years, struggling with her own feelings about the sister she loved but looked nothing like her — and now the older sister figures it out, by noticing the one physical feature that always made it 😜*completely* undeniable we were not ‘full blooded’ sisters — her nose — and seeing the exact same nose on her father’s best friend.

The best part of spending time with my sister right now, is this is the first time we’ve spent together where we both know the identiities of our father’s, and it’s a happy ending — her dad, the mysterious unknown figure for so many years — is actually a very nice guy, smart, classily, conscientious, and artistic too.

My sister and I have had our issues over the years (especially being 11 months apart in age), but I’m so glad I figured it out. I feel like it was the best gift I could ever give Shannon, and I’m so glad I lived long enough to give it to her 😍❤️👍💋.

(Especially cuz I was so mean when we were little—I really did owe it to her 🙂

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Cookie licking my face all over when I was crying :)

I was actually crying in relief — finally Dr. Pitchon is getting his mind into my sister’s case — and I didnt even realized how worried I was until I heard a voice mail from his secretary that he ordered an abdomen MRI for Shannon, which means his hands are officially in there 🧐.

So I started crying, then Cookie jumped all over me to lick my face—kinda sweet, but I had to keep her away from my mouth, cuz my mouth stitches that are still healing (from the Squamous Cell removal) — don’t want to get those infected, that’s for sure 🙂

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Have a safe trip home!!! ❤️🙏💋

Omg you’ve been missed!!! (Probably not what you want to hear, right? 😜👍). My sister has had a rough go of it the last couple of weeks, but now she’s finally on the mend…

My dizzyiness/balance/weakness got super super bad, but my CT looks good so we can (happily!) take brain mets off the table.

(That should give you an idea of the severity of my symptoms —that I was thinking brain mets 😢—)

Dr. Chow — thought infectious disease problem

Dr. Pit — thought neurological problem

Dr. Cohen — thought MS.


Hmmm…been awhile since I thought about that problem ⏰.

(I saw Dr. Cohen and steamrolled him when I was waiting to see Dr. Chow, since they share the same office space. I love Dr. Cohen so much, he’s such a kind person and a smart mind— I wish I could still afford Dr. Cohen—he knows my case so well—it was one of my promises to Joe though, to cut down on cash doctors unless it’s absolutely urgent—maybe one day I’ll win the lotto 🙏


I actually think my symptoms might actually be seizures from the Meropenam. It’s a rare side effect of Meropenam, Dr. Pit once mentioned it a long time ago and I remembered yesterday—

So I spoke with Dr. Chow this morning, and Dr. Chow ordered the EEG for me “of course”, which was very nice. He reiterated my CT Scan was normal, but a long time ago Dr. Cohen told me that lesions from MS doesn’t always show up in scans right away…it’s always a clinical diagnosis first…

In the meantime, until we figure this all out: I started an **intensive** anticancer diet, supplements, food, everything, absolutely NO smoking (using nicorette candies when super desperate, which I’ve only done it twice but they work great),

and I stopped the Meropenam — in case the Meropenam is causing my problems —

(Doing the doxycycline and Flagyl instead.)

Today I’m feeling a little bit better…it could be from quitting smoking, or the diet or the crazy supplements (have you heard of Graviola pills? It’s my new favorite herb 🤪👍.)

Supplements I’ve started:

* Graviola Pills
* Mushroom Extract
* Cranberry Extract
* Cod Liver Oil

(I’m pacing them throughout the day, so I don’t take them all at once.)

Then I’m drinking smoothies twice a day with Greek yogurt, flax seed and flax seed oil mixed together, and I’m throwing in ***a lot** of raw honey with a little Acai powder —

(Raw honey is my new favorite super food—the more I read about honey, the more amazing I am with honey’s healing powers—)

I hope you have a safe trip home from Israel 🙏👍. I’ve been hanging in there best I can without you. See you soon—


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