Graphene ‘stimulation’ could selectively kill off cancer cells

Graphene ‘stimulation’ could selectively kill off cancer cells

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They just plugged Cedars in grey’s anatomy!!!

They just plugged Cedars in Grey’s Anatomy—I’m in the midst of season 14 (the current season—lying in bed most of the day lately means lots of grey’s 😍), I’m somewhere around episode 12–

I’ve often thought about how much Grey’s is like Cedars—even the signs are similar—which has many times made me wonder if there’s a consultant from Cedars on the show,

Then boom!! They just had a doctor from Cedars, who went to their hospital to pitch a research project, she’s a ‘top plastic surgeon’—

I already loved this show (I fought the love for as long as I could 😛), but now I really really love it ❤️.

(In fact, I love this show so much, it’s making me reconsider my previous refusal to watch all medical shows…hmmmm….maybe it is time to try ER or House…probably not House because the idea of a psychic miracle doctor just irritates the shit out of me—it creates a false expectation in people’s minds of what doctors should be able to do, and it’s not fair to anyone because it hurts the medical professional by creating a false level of what’s an ‘excellent’ doctor—


But I love Grey’s ❤️. Especially the doctor-patient love stories—it proves my point and history day will say it too. Those are the best 😜💋👍.

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Gavyn. Now I know how doctors feel with a hopeless patient.

Gavyn has been coked up all week, and when I spoke to him a few hours ago, his speech sounded slurred like he was having a neurological problem.

(It didn’t sound like drunk slurred, a different kind of slurred….stroke slurred (?)

Yesterday he rambled on about how he hated eaten in two days, yet he’d done 30 lines of coke in *each* nostril.

“I think I’m becoming addicted Tara…I’ve never been addicted before, but I’m craving it, ya know? I’m craving it. I’m craving cocaine. Jamie is going to get a big fat eight ball right now—and—and—I can’t wait.”

I told him to get himself to the hospital and get himself admitted so he can sober up (any doctor would see quickly he’s coked out of his mind, would work up his neurological issue, so I was hoping he would just get himself to a hospital—)

At the rate he’s going, he’s going to die — being young can only carry someone so far, then the body will shut down —

Then when I talked to him a couple of hours ago today, I was firm “you need to go to a hospital”, and he kept mumbling in that strange speech, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’ll call you in a little bit—I’ll call you in an hour—“

Well, I’ve decided he needs more than a little bit and god knows I’m swamped with my own problems, so I just texted him not to contact me until he sobers up (which will probably be never—)

It’s a really weird feeling to care about someone who is a train wreck in action. It’s particularly frustrating for me, because most of my train wreck problems are not of my own doing (though I admit some are…), so to hear someone do this to themselves…it’s frustrating—

It also makes me sad too…I had a rough childhood, very rough at times, and in spite of all of that I made it out okay…more than okay, I chose to make something of my life, to rise above the way I had been treated, and treat others better than what I’d been through—

So to hear something be doing this…who needs abusive parents around when you’re torturing yourself?

I can’t do it…can’t do it anymore…he needs so much help…I feel bad for him, but I have to stay focused on what I need to be doing right now, even though I don’t exactly what that is, I know whatever it is, it isn’t this—

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Serena Williams’s HBO series ‘Being Serena’ is shedding light on the crisis of black maternal mortality

This kind of treatment of patients is *not* just rooted in racism — I have been in the **exact** same situation with doctors and nurses countless times in the past.

That’s why we all have to find doctors who know and trust us — having a close relationship with your medical providers is extremely important.

Serena Williams’s HBO series ‘Being Serena’ is shedding light on the crisis of black maternal mortality

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Scientists say they’ve discovered a new organ, and it’s the biggest in your body

The articles refers to this new organ as something they’ve previously “missed”, but trust me, they didn’t miss it. They just hadn’t registered it on their radar yet,

and there are thousands of things going on inside the human body that we haven’t even begun yet to register, let alone put a name on it or a description.

I’m not sure why humanity is so quick to want to feel like something is ‘solved’…that’s we’ve ‘figured it all out’, where the truth is, we should be embracing what it is that we don’t even know yet, so we can continue our quest for knowledge and understanding that has been part of human nature since ‘in the beginning’ —

I probably my won’t live long enough to fully understand what is wrong with me, and thankfully I’m only alive because I’ve had doctors willing to embrace the unknown in order to keep me alive.

We are centuries (millinea?) away from having everything about the human body neatly understood and wrapped up in a pretty bow.

And until that day comes, we need medicine to be practiced by observation and insight. We might not understand exactly what is wrong with Noah and I, but we’ve observed repetitive and chronic infections unless we’re on daily antibiotics, we’ve observed severe constipation, we’ve observed lack of a basic immune response with certain types of infections (mostly bacterial).

If that isn’t enough for a researcher to understand there is a serious fucking problem, then I can’t reach them. They’re not listening.

Most people are afraid of the unknown, most people are afraid to be wrong, to fail a hundred times before you’re finally right,

But all great scientists and doctors are not. And unfortunately for me, there’s only a handful of them in a lifetime.

Scientists say they’ve discovered a new organ, and it’s the biggest in your body

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12 April, 2018 00:42

Rita Kachru

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Stomach wearable could replace the need for invasive probes


Never lose hope — medicine just keeps getting better and better 🙂

Mom 🙂


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