Playing Cancer Wack-a-Mole: Biopsy near my right knee

I’ve started playing Cancer Wack-a-Mole, had two biopsies last week…one near my right knee and the other on my lower lip (again).

I actually have a few places that need biopsies, but she said she would only do 2 at a time, probably has something to do with insurance reimbursement, which I understand…

So I’m going back again next week for two more biopsies, I probably need about 6 more so I’ll go back a few times over the next couple of weeks —

Since I’ve already had cancer 3 times, I can’t put these biopsies off anymore…it’s becoming like a fireworks show that just doesn’t want to end (minus all the beauty and magic of course).

The one in my knee still hurts a lot (I had the biopsy last Wednesday), so I’m going to ask my home health nurse to look at it when she comes today to put on my needle —

And I have I mentioned I have Diverticulitis? Mostly because I haven’t been doing my Ig properly since I’m running low on it 🤪

Dancing when the music keeps changing 🥰

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Vivid dream: Earth got knocked off its axis

I had a crazy vivid dream when I was sleeping today…been sleeping a lot during the day lately…

I dreamed the earth suddenly got knocked off its axis,

And the day/night schedule got changed–

Instead of 12 hours/12 hours, it became 8 hours/hours (or around that, I wasn’t entirely sure in the dream), but the earth was spinning faster than normal–

Then even crazier, at night temperatures dropped crazy low,

during the day they were crazy high —

I was staying in a house — it was a beautiful mansion, might nicer than the apartment I live in now —

and we were worried about the quality of the air…something about the atmosphere was changing —

So we were trying to ‘seal up’ the entire house, as best we could,

And I remember thinking in the dream “oh no, this isn’t good…how long can we survive like this?”

It just felt like no matter what we tried to do inside the house to preserve ourselves, we were totally delaying the inevitable,

which was total oblivion of life on earth —

And I remember thinking, where are we heading to? Where is the earth spinning towards? Are we going closer to the sun or further away? (And did it even matter?)

Cell phones didn’t work, the TV didn’t work, we didn’t have electricity — ‘we should have gotten more solar powered generators’ —

A comet…must have been a comet that hit the side of the earth, and knocked us out of orbit…

Then the mobs came;

Mobs of people banging on the doors and windows, desperate to get inside the house because we had resources inside the house they didn’t have; they were panicking, trying to break the glass, and for the first time in my life I wished I’d had a gun;

I felt for those people banging on the house but I also knew we were all heading in the same direction–there was **no** way life was going to be able to be sustained on earth…maybe we had days, maybe weeks, probably hours…

And this was it, it was over, and I was very grateful Noah was in the house with me,

And all I kept thinking about was how much time I’d wasted carrying about ‘the little things’,

and here we were, trapped in a house on a planet that was rapidly becoming totally inhospitable to life…

And there was nothing we could do about it…

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“Is Dr. Sherman a creative?” ❤️

Noah and I went to Nate and Al’s tonight,

and while we were sitting there, out of no where Noah looks at me very thoughtfully,

“Is Dr. Sherman a creative?”

Um…I don’t know…

I hadn’t really thought about it before 🤔

“We, if you’d asked me about Dr. Schroeder I would have said *instantly* that I thought he was a creative, I didn’t see him long enough to figure out what kind of creative, if he was a painter or a writer or a musician or what, but I’m sure Schroeder is fundamentally a creative…Dr Sherman? Hmmm…maybe…”

Ignoring my reference to Schroeder, Noah continues, carefully and thoughtfully,

“Dr. Sherman must be fundamentally creative, because he’s able to think outside of the box on our medical case.”

Noah slurps a little more Matza Ball soup,

“And it’s the only way Dr. Sherman could be our doctor — it’s the foundation to be a good doctor on our case — that he’s also creative.”

After thinking about it for a second, I nodded my head in agreement,

“I agree Noah, Dr. Sherman’s creative.” ❤️

(I have no idea what triggered this comment…Noah went to a friends house down the street, so it’ll have to ask him tomorrow…it must have been something you said to him 🥰)

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Schizophrenics: The Power of the Brain

One thing that’s been rattling me all day: this disconnect I’m feeling by not being able to taste things that my brain knows what they should taste like:

If my mind can be altered this much to distort what I know to be true,

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Feeling any better?

Omg I love this cartoon I needed a smile ❤️

I’m doing okay, today I started to turn a little bit of a corner, Mark urgently recommended Paxlovid, Sherman ordered it, Pax is definitely helping because I started it yesterday (or the day before 🤔) and today I feel like I’m finally turning around a little,

But….today I’ve started losing my sense of taste 😢….not 100% gone but I’d say 95% gone with some sensations gone completely,

which is a very surreal experience,

because your brain *knows* what something is supposed to taste like, but it’s not there–>

I opened a coke (admittedly not the best but I couldn’t hold down food for a couple of days so I’ve been sipping a lot of Gatorade and soda),

and when I took a sip,

at first I was like ‘there’s something wrong with this can of Coke’, and almost threw it away —

then after tasting a few random things in the fridge,

I realized it wasn’t the Coke, it’s me–

Id forgotten losing taste could be an effect of covid until it started today,

and it’s truly the most bizarre symptom from an infection I’ve ever had in my life (and uve had, what like thousands of infections?) —

And losing taste is the most bizarre sensation ever —

Because it doesn’t hurt, it’s not going to kill me,

But it’s f***ing weird — like being in a Tim Burton movie (have you seen Wednesday? It’s amazing)

I had a bunch of ‘come to Geezus’ moments when I was really sick a couple of days ago [you know a lot of the usual: ‘if I live I promise to clean my apartment and

make these amends and do this and tell this person that’]

and you were high on my list —

I love you very much 🥰❤️

On Dec 9, 2022, at 8:59 AM, DrSavaard wrote:



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I really hope someone wins the dang Powerball today

I’m getting sick of buying tickets 🙄.

Noah likes to keep reminding me ‘it’s the poor people’s tax Mom’…

I guess I’m paying’ it 🤪

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Covid is like living in a bad horror movie that I want to end so badly but we may just be getting a plot twist and now starting Act 2…

Friggen scary…all Covid needs to do is mutate into an Ebola like form (which it could totally do that),

and the degree of human death and destruction a mutation like that could cause would make the first wave feel like a warm up…

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Wow, ouch…I coughed so hard…

This is kind of embarrassing, but I coughed so hard I vomited *and* pissed myself at the same time — it was like my entire body had a momentary super intense spasm — I pulled another muscle in my stomach area —

This cough is really weird…I gotta start my IV antibiotics again…I’m getting so low on my immunoglobulin, that’s probably the root of most of my problems…I’m going to figure out going back to Canada soon…

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Noah just did a bunch of bloodwork :)

We should get the results back early next week, we’ll do his bloodwork every week while he’s in recovery, to make sure we don’t shock his system too much. 🙂

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Former NFL QB Jake Plummer is now a mushroom farm…

We should look into this Noah — there might be something in mushrooms that could hell you feel better and help you with your weight 🤔

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