I think my lips are healing okay 🤔

I think my lips are healing okay 🤔.

Tomorrow I have a follow up at Dr. Hung’s office, I’m pretty sure I’m getting my stitches out…

Hopefully I’ll be able to smile and laugh again, I’m not sure how much I’m gonna feel…some of my lips feels numb…

My lip looks ***much*** better then I expected it to look, I’m like wow…I didn’t expected it to look this normal after the surgery. Dr. Hung and his team does amazing work–

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#healing ❤️

My lip is looking better and better every day 🙂

Still hurts like a bitch to smile or laugh tho…but my lip is getting there 🙂

(In fact, my lip healing so well from the surgery I decided to binge eat a whole bag of Milano mint chocolate chips cookies tonight lol…got crums all over myself like a toddler and had to redo my dressing,

but yummy yummy it felt good to get those cookies in my belly 🤪❤️)

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Recovery from lip cancer surgery has been pretty miserable

My recovery from lip cancer surgery has been pretty miserable; obviously there are many other things that would be more miserable (this really isn’t a club you want to be a member of: ‘let’s compare and contrast our miseries’ 😢),

but there has been definitely a couple of things about recovering from lip cancer surgery that have caught me off guard…

1) I can’t smile — it really *really* hurts to smile because it pulls at my stitches, so I pretty much have to focus on depressing shit all day and talk to no one to avoid ripping at my stitches;

(Fairly easy right now considering the economy is crashing all around us, and I believe we’re still no where near the bottom of the crash — look at 3 year charts — we’re pretty much headed back to similar place to where we were before Covid hit…never made much sense for the stock market to be up during a major pandemic in the first place–)

2) I can’t laugh — related to above, but when the impulse to laugh comes over me *wow* ouch it hurts bad!

Eating and drinking? First 24 hours I was pretty much laying around in misery and didn’t want to eat or drink much anyway,

(Which should be something doctors should tell patients before lip surgery: drink a lot of water the 24-48 hours before the surgery because you’re not going to feel like drinking much for the first day or two so it’s good to be well hydrated going into it.)

When necessity started to dictate it was time to start eating and drinking,

all the rules went out the window,

and I pretty much had to pull out a straw–

I was told *not* to use a straw, I’m guessing so that I wouldn’t pucker my lips,

But after smearing mash potatoes all of my newly cut stitches and down my shirt,

I realized quickly there was pretty much no fucking way I was gonna get anything into my body without using a straw–


I stuck the straw waaaay in the back of my throat,

then use my tongue muscles to manipulate the straw so I can eat or drink…

It may pull on my lips a little bit,

but using the straw is not nearly as much danger to my lips as when I was trying to put food on my mouth on the side corner–

(I haven’t seen such a piggy messy trying to eat since Noah was a baby trying food for the first time 🤪.)

So I’m pretty much blending soups and drinking water and smoothies…biggest thing I have to be careful of, is making sure the soup isn’t too hot, since the straw is at the back of my throat and would burn me pretty bad if it was too hot…

But the no smiling and no laughing…that’s pretty hard…I didn’t realize how much I like to animate my face when I talk until now, and I have to keep it still…

(I’m not supposed to be talking at all, but hey, we all knew that wasn’t gonna go as planned either 🤪.)

Working it one day at a time…

Grateful to be alive 🥰.

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On my way to home…two rounds and I’m outta there

Wow…I feel so lucky right now, it was two rounds of slicing and that was it…stitches and lots of wound care now…

No talking bending laughing lifting carrying smiling jogging exercising eating

So lots of mushy baby food and lying on the couch playing with Noah’s coins (getting his new business going)… lots of binge watching Netflix…

Wound care twice a day ideally after eating small bites through other corner of my mouth…saline ointment bandages…

It’s a great day to be alive 🥰❤️💋

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Pre-surgery pic

This is how my lip looked right before the surgery.

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Phase one of the lip surgery is finished

Phase one of the lip surgery is finished. I really like Dr. Hung a lot, he’s very smart and extremely focused.

One of the medical assistants working with him as worked with him for ten years, that’s always a good sign when the secretaries/medical staff have worked with a doctor for 5+ years.

If they treat their staff well, they usually treat patients well too.

Now I have to wait until the samples are looked at under a microscope, then he’ll decide how much more to cut, etc…

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Surgeon called me wed night

After pre surgery checklist, Dr Hung was so confused how I got to him.

I told him the movie star doctor recommended him.

He laughed. I guess he’s not used to patients talking that way.

He said absolutely no talking for 2-3 weeks.

Tara ****** not talking for 2-3 weeks is a holy fuck life moment in time.

I don’t know how I’m gonna get through it…

I’m scared…

Thousands of doctors appointments countless procedures

I look at a scalpel like a writer looks at a pen….a tool of resurrection…

And for the first time I’m scared

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Another year, another Mammogram

It’s probably time to just take my breasts off…since my mother (lumpdecomy) , maternal grandmother (breast cancer at 49), and my maternal great-grandmother (died of breast cancer at 44) has had problems with them, they’re just a time bomb waiting to go off…

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Vitamin D could be a piece of COVID-19’s ‘complex puzzle,’ Israeli scientists say, after a new study finds a link between deficiency and severe illness

Hey Noah,

We need to get back on the vitamin D pills ❤️


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Why do older people heal more slowly?

Interesting article…


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