Ugh! Headache shipping blood from Canada!

I figured shipping blood from Canada was going to be a battle….nothing on my case can be straightforward 🙂

Begin forwarded message:

From: Teddy
Date: January 27, 2012 11:14:35 AM PST
To: RS
Re: Shipping blood to Philadelphia

Thank you for looking into shipping blood from Canada, but don’t spend too much time if the answer doesn’t quickly become apparent–I’m not sure if my father will cooperate or not, and it’s probably more likely that he will not help, so I would hate for you to do a lot of work.

(If I can’t get my father to help, I will ask one of my cousins, probably one that lives in San Francisco since I go up to see a doctor every few months in the area anyway. She’s very nice, and hopefully will help.)

Can you ship the requirements for me, my son and his father as soon as possible, so we can at least start sending it?

In terms of my mother in Virginia, since she is very busy I was going to figure out the details in terms of how she can get her blood drawn and shipped. (Does the blood need to be on dry ice?)

If the blood can just be drawn and shipped in a special package, then I can probably ask my sister to do it…I’m sure she can get a doctor’s orders.

Either way, once I learn what the requirements are of the packaging of the blood, then I can work out the details. I want to make this as painless for everyone as possible. Shipping blood is not as easy as going to a lab and doing it. Many labs will not ship blood to labs they don’t regularly conduct business with…nothing is easy 🙂

Thanks again for your help–


On Jan 27, 2012, at 7:17 AM, RS wrote:

Hi Teddy

The sample from Canada will be a problem due to customs. I will need some time to figure this out. I will send all of the requirements to each of the subjects, they will need to send the blood directly from themselves, so you will not have to arrange anything. With this new information, it will take me a while to put together. I will be back to you next week with final instructions.



The Center for Applied Genomics

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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