The lab testing for NEMO needs another sample–is this a sign?

I just received an email from Noah’s pediatrician, that the Correlagen lab in Boston is requesting a blood sample of my son, David, because they said they weren’t able to get a DNA sample off of the four cheek swabs that we sent them a few weeks ago.

I find this very interesting…we sent these cheek swabs over a month ago. David’s pediatrician swabbed him for a long time, twice in each cheek.

I think its very possible they found something, and they want a blood sample to confirm it. It’s also possible the sample we sent accidentally got destroyed by the lab and they’re too embarrassed to admit it too–

It’s possible. 🙂

Either way, it’s exciting.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Teddy
Date: April 13, 2012 9:28:40 PM PDT
To: David’s pediatrician
You never know…those cheek swabs had to have been good–

Dr. Cr,

Given how much time has past since we sent the cheek swabs, I wonder if the lab is requesting a blood sample to confirm a positive–you swabbed David’s checks a number of times, and very thoroughly. I can’t believe they didn’t get any dna off of those samples–especially when labs can pull dna off of chewing gums these days–

They might have just asked for a blood sample, and didn’t want to raise any alarm bells so they said it was because they couldnt get dna off of the cheek samples…you swabbed David so many times, I just cant imagine they didn’t get some of his DNA 🙂

I’ve been reading about nemo lately, and it’s such a rare disorder, and its even going to be more rare to have a dominant strain of it, that could be prompting them to take another look. (Most things written about nemo only discuss it as a recessive gene, but we know from that science paper sent to us from the lab in the netherlands, that nemo does have a dominant version.)

Either way, it’s very exciting. Hopefully, David can get on ivig therapy, sooner than later. I think IVIG will improve his overall quality of being–

Thanks again for everything–

Teddy 🙂

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