Yea! What a great service :)

I always know I’m starting to feel better, when I start thinking about how bad hospital food is. When I’m in the midst of a health crisis, I don’t care about food at all. When suddenly the bad taste of hospital food starts getting to me, it’s always a sign I’m headed on the right track— 🙂

As a treat for my miserable stay, I decided to order from, which is a service that picks up orders from local restaurants and delivers to you. Not everyone delivers to the hospital, so I’m very grateful that they do.

I ordered chinese food from Chin Chin–Hot and Sour soup has never tasted so good! And Mongolian Beef with brown rice, and shrimp in a ginger garlic sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever taken time to enjoy food quite like the way I did tonight 🙂

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