The right chest pain–*not* a pulled muscle

So I went into the pool as an experiment, and sure enough none of the swimming strokes hurt or put any strain on the pain in my right chest. It only hurts more when I take in a deep breath or when I sneeze or cough (then its excruciating).

The pain in my right chest got much worse 24 hours after stopping the IV clindamycin in the hospital…and I didn’t even know the IV bags had stopped coming when I complained to the nurse.

The pain is definitely manageable right now (I am getting out a little bit :), so I’m hoping I just need more time to work it out of my system…I may need a little more IVIG, too. 🙂

About hopeforanswers

Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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