Vomiting tonight…not fun :(

I vomited again tonight, pretty badly. I haven’t suffered from this much nausea and vomiting as I have over the last few weeks since I was pregnant (and I am definitely *not* pregnant right now).

It seems like whenever my other symptoms are getting worse, the nausea and vomiting set in as well. The IVIG I had in June helped with the vomiting…it kinda sucks that it’s back again.

I’m really struggling to hold it together. Ever since my toe wood wound on June 16, it’s just been rough going. I have faith I can make it through this obstacle, but it’s going to be rough…probably rough for awhile.

My urine urgency has picked up again too…I just thought of that…I should maybe do another urine culture…

About hopeforanswers

Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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