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David has another sinus infection

I’m losing track how many breakthrough infections he’s had this year. It’s time to start him on IVIG.

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Waiting for David’s schoolbus

This is my secret spot, where I stand and wait for David’s school bus every day. It’s just too cold to wait directly outside. I can see it coming down the road, then I go outside to meet him as … Continue reading

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“That’s why we have to stay in Canada Mommy”

As I was getting ready to dose myself up with some Ig tonight, I held up the little bottle of 20ml Ig towards David. I leaned towards him, “do you know how much this little bottle costs in the U.S.? … Continue reading

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David working on his book today :)

David is sporting the eye patch to help his lazy eye. I wonder if a lazy eye could be related to NEMO syndrome or not. I’m guessing not. (Separate gene problem. 🙂

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Normal redness after SubQ infusion

This is normal redness after my SubQ infusion, and it goes away within a few hours.

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David and my father tonight

Like most stage 4 cancer patients, my father has fifty zillion medical problems that go a long with struggling with cancer too. His spirits are high though, he’s definitely a fighter. While he’s definitely never been much of a father … Continue reading

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No sign of infection on my stomach

No sign of any skin infections from yesterday’s needle sticks. (I had to do three spots, because I accidentally knocked one spot out while I was pushing the medicine in). I’m being as diligent as I can to avoid the … Continue reading

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