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David has another sinus infection

I’m losing track how many breakthrough infections he’s had this year. It’s time to start him on IVIG.

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Waiting for David’s schoolbus

This is my secret spot, where I stand and wait for David’s school bus every day. It’s just too cold to wait directly outside. I can see it coming down the road, then I go outside to meet him as … Continue reading

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“That’s why we have to stay in Canada Mommy”

As I was getting ready to dose myself up with some Ig tonight, I held up the little bottle of 20ml Ig towards David. I leaned towards him, “do you know how much this little bottle costs in the U.S.? … Continue reading

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David working on his book today :)

David is sporting the eye patch to help his lazy eye. I wonder if a lazy eye could be related to NEMO syndrome or not. I’m guessing not. (Separate gene problem. πŸ™‚

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Normal redness after SubQ infusion

This is normal redness after my SubQ infusion, and it goes away within a few hours.

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David and my father tonight

Like most stage 4 cancer patients, my father has fifty zillion medical problems that go a long with struggling with cancer too. His spirits are high though, he’s definitely a fighter. While he’s definitely never been much of a father … Continue reading

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No sign of infection on my stomach

No sign of any skin infections from yesterday’s needle sticks. (I had to do three spots, because I accidentally knocked one spot out while I was pushing the medicine in). I’m being as diligent as I can to avoid the … Continue reading

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Being in the sauna makes me cry

I don’t know what it is about sitting inside a sauna that makes me cry…maybe it’s all the sweating going on, like a release? I sweat so rarely in normal circumstances (Noah doesn’t sweat either), I like the sauna because … Continue reading

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My Father is Dying

I don’t think there’s any way any of us knows how to best prepare for someone who is close to us who is dying. I’m not going to say it’s harder (because it’s never easy), but it’s definitely a unique … Continue reading

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David looking at the parliament buildings

We can see the parliament buildings in the distance from where we are. It’s kinda cool.

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