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Dark matter: Source of my immune deficiency?

David is watching this science show on dark matter, and I couldn’t help but see certain things in common with our immune deficiency–our immune system deficiency is something that has an impact on our immune system, but we can’t see … Continue reading

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Excessive ear wax in David?

I just saw this in David’s ear. It hasn’t been that many days since I cleaned his ears out. This amount of wax just doesn’t seem normal to me, but I don’t know.

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The financial stigma of being ill: its psychological toll

One of the things that amazes me most about Canadian society, is the remarkable difference in how people look at me in the moments right after I tell them I have a chronic illness. In the United States, I’ve countlessly … Continue reading

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Doing better on IVIG: Not much to report

As I keep doing the SubQ Ig, I’m starting to become stronger and stronger. I’m still dependent on antibiotics every day, but not nearly to the same extent that I was a few months ago. It’s definitely all steps in … Continue reading

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Birthday Gift from My Father

My father just called at 2 in the morning, and asked me if I would like my birthday gift a little early. My birthday isn’t until April. He’s not feeling well.

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Inspiring Dateline Story. Finish my Medical Book.

I just saw this inspiring Dateline story that aired last weekend, about a Canadian woman, Amanda. She recently published a book “A House in the Sky”, detailing what she went through when she was kidnapped and held for random in … Continue reading

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A *Gross* Photo. (What came out of my nose.)

This is a gross picture. But I’m realizing if I’m trying to do a better job of documenting my medical events, then I should probably get over the ‘gross factor’, since let’s face it–it’s all gross for we the normal … Continue reading

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‘The Nurse’s Remedy’: I have another horrible cold.

This cold isn’t quite as bad as the one I had a week after I arrived in Ottawa, but it’s still pretty bad. I have a horrible sore throat (worse sore throat I’ve had in years), which came on very … Continue reading

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Idea for a medical study: cancer

Someone needs to study why is it that certain organs and parts of the body are less likely to get cancer than others. For example, why is that eye cells don’t get cancer as often as skin cells, when they … Continue reading

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