Doing better on IVIG: Not much to report

As I keep doing the SubQ Ig, I’m starting to become stronger and stronger. I’m still dependent on antibiotics every day, but not nearly to the same extent that I was a few months ago.

It’s definitely all steps in the right direction. This has been the first time in a long long time I haven’t felt like I was going to die anytime soon.

I’m actually been able to start thinking about other things again…things like work. My health slowly stabilizing is freeing my mind to focus on other things.

IVIG is amazing.

About hopeforanswers

Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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