Maybe I am a Witch

I just had one of the craziest encounters here at the Ottawa Hospital that I’ve had in a long time.

Someone once said to me that I have this strange ability to bring people close to me that I need to see or talk with or something.

I’m starting to think this person might be right.

My father is being helped a lot by this one doctor–this doctor stays right down the street from my father (when he’s in Ottawa) and he spends his week bouncing around between 3 different hospitals (and he actually lives in Toronto, so he goes home to his family on weekends).

This doctor is a very busy person, and yet he makes time for my father’s late night ramblings and other strange requests that come along with dying.

I just said–two days ago, maybe three days ago–“I need to meet this Dr. Ch****. He’s the key to my finding the right doctor here in Ottawa who will take my case.”

Then today, I’m here at the Ottawa hospital picking up Ig medicine,

And I ran SMACK right into him.

Where of course??

Right by the elevators.

I’ve been here a few times to pick up my Ig medicine,

But today for some reason I got lost–I got off on the 4th floor, that didn’t look familiar, so I went up to the 5th floor.

I became convinced it was the 5th floor I needed to be on, so I stood there by the elevators, even though the signs weren’t familiar.

There was this nice man, standing by the elevators too. I think he was waiting for an elevator to go down, and I had come off the up elevator. I stood there for a moment, then I finally asked him,

“Do you know where the transfusion medicine place is? The place where people go to pick up Ig medicine?”

He shook his head, explaining he wasn’t here that often and wasn’t that familiar with the layout of the hospital. I noticed the little Jewish hat on his head, then I looked down at name, and I almost jumped–

“Are you—are you–the same Dr. Ch**** who is taking such good care of my father, William MacKay??”

He looked about as shocked as I was. Neither of us could believe it. It was just too crazy.

“I am, but I consider him to be more of a friend than a patient.”

Wowsie. What are the fucking odds of this moment happening.

Then I was so shocked to be randomly running into him like this, that I completely forgot everything I wanted to talk with him, and instead, we just discussed my father. It took both of is a few moments to be become unshocked (‘you’re the daughter from Los Angeles’?) because we were both taken back by the craziness of the moment.

You can’t even do the math on what the odds would be that we would bump into each other randomly like this, just days after I said aloud I wanted to meet him, it absolutely astronomically small.

I was so surprised, I think I blew it, because I didn’t end up discussing anything I wanted to, and didn’t lay any ground work for a next step.

I was just too stunned…totally stunned. If hadn’t been Jewish, I never would have looked at his name tag. He is literally the first person I’ve seen in Ottawa wearing the Jewish hat, which father had mentioned on a number of occasions that he wears one, which is why I zoomed in to check the name.


Me and doctors and elevators.

[And my Ig was actually to be picked up on the 3rd floor, so I wasn’t even anywhere close to where I needed to be. I just strong feeling to go to the 5th floor. Maybe because that’s the floor Dr. Sherman’s office is on back in Los Angeles (?). I’m used to going to the 5th floor, which is why it was calling to me so strongly. Who knows. How friggen crazy.]

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