Ultrasound verdict: polyp?

It turns out my instincts that the ‘you must go to Appletree now!’ command I got on Saturday,

was indeed a false alarm. 🙂

Maybe the caller was just overreacting to my brain MRI results, which had just been entered into my medical file. Goodness knows it wouldn’t be the first time someone overreacted to my brain MRI. (Holy geez I’ve had one too many discussions about that over the years–what a distraction 🙂 )

Today Dr. Chapman nicely went through my results, and he said they think I may have a polyp, and he wants to do a saline uterus filled one in a few weeks.

He said my mammogram was just swollen milk ducts, which I knew because they told me at the imaging center.

All kind of sweet and nice…but….

The problem: I’ve had *a lot* of false negative imaging studies over the years, so the fact I’m having imaging studies show *anything* is of concern…especially since I had a weird spot on my liver a few months ago too. The weird liver spot went away, but it could have gone away because I’m doing a lot of Ig right now–Ig helps me fight everything, including cancer–

My gut feeling is that,

1) it’s definitely a polyp in my uterus. Dr. To found a few doing a DnC in June 2007 when my ultrasound was *totally* clean. “It’s like you have ESP Tara–you knew. I didn’t expect to find anything, but yes, indeed, I found polyps.”

2) I think there many be something more serious going on with my breast, given my family history and the pain. I’m not necessary going to show a lesion like a normal person, because I don’t create a normal inflammatory response. How bad of a problem, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just hormonal bad. But I know the only way to find out for sure is a biopsy.

My plan?

No matter how serious the problem, I wouldn’t do anything now (even if it was cancer), because my father is going to pass any day and it’s the holidays–that’s enough stress for me at this time.

I could also tell Dr. Chapman wasn’t exactly getting it when I said I have a history of negative imaging studies showing *no* problem, when it’s later proved there *is* a problem, so he didn’t quite understand these tests mean more that what he’s seeing in front of him.

As I’ve learned the hard way, doctors have to see it themselves before they believe me, so there is nothing else I could do now anyway because I would just have to ride it out.

[Since I’ve finally found a doctor I *like* in Ottawa–not easy for me, God knows–I can’t blow it by being too pushy, especially since it’s an issue I don’t want to do anything about anyway–even if it is cancer. It’s not like pushing him would speed up something, because even if they said ‘cancer’ I would say, ‘let me get back to you about that’. That’s not something they are going to understand around here. It’s better for me to just to with the ‘it’s probably nothing serous’ vibe I’m getting from him.]

At this point, I’d rather just get through my father’s death and the holidays, then go back to Los Angeles and investigate there with doctors who’ve known me for a long time.

I’m pretty sure it’s serious, but I think it’s early serious, so it can wait a few more weeks.

In the meantime?

Time to start my anti-cancer routine–now! Exercise, flax seed and Greek yogurt, etc. Time to get started.

It’ll be good for me anyway 🙂

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Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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