Me and my psychic dreams

Ready for this?

I had a very bad dream about my 17 year old 1/2 sister Brittany, through my mother, who lives in Virginia–

I haven’t spoken to my mother since I had to make the humiliating call that the stalker I had was just a prank (I had called her begging her to take Noah until I got to the bottom of the stalker, for Noah’s safety), and I haven’t spoken to Brittany directly since I went to the NIH.

Needless to say, it’s been awhile, and honestly, I don’t even think about them very much–not because I don’t care about them, but just because I’m so consumed with so many other problems–

So Thursday morning, it was surprising when I woke up after this horrible dream about Brittany–she had committed suicide–and the dream was so vivid, that it took me a second after I woke up to realize it was a dream, and that she hadn’t in fact died.

I immediately sent Brittany a note on FB–I had a weird dream about you–are okay?

No response.

So I texted my sister, Shannon, she ignore me at first, complaining that mom was kicking her out of her condo, so I asked again, and she just blurted out that Brittany had brain damage, but didn’t elaborate.

Brain damage?

I waited a few more hours for more info from Shannon, then got none, so tonight I broke down and called my mother–kinda scared because the last time I spoke to her was that awful call–

(Is she really going to think I’m a nutjob now?)

After a few moments of causal chit chatting,

“Mom–is Brittany okay? I had a really bad dream about her a few days ago.”

Lightning bolt.

It turns out, Brittany had a bad concussion 5 weeks ago playing sports–she took a softball at full speed to the back of her head, hitting the base of her head on her helmet, while she was at bat–

Brittany was officially diagnosed with a concussion, and she’s been experiencing severe symptoms ever since, that have kept her home from school.

It turns out she was formally diagnosed with a concussion two years ago as well, making this her second official concussion,

but Brittany said herself she’s had many other hits to the head as a goalie in soccer or playing softball.


Now here she is–severe headaches, sensitivity to light and certain smells, nausea, dizziness–


“Mom–she needs a brain MRI, asap. This isn’t her first concussion AND she’s still experiencing severe symptoms.”

“But the neuro said–”

“How many neuros has she seen?”


“One?? She needs another opinion. AND she needs a brain MRI. Asap. Pay cash for it if you need to. A brain MRI is not going to hurt her, and it could help her. At the very minimum, it will establish a baseline of her brain images. Tell them you have an older daughter with a history of brain lesions, if you need to. Whatever it takes to get a doctor to order her one.”

“Okay Tara, you’re right…you’re right…”

I think my mom was so spooked I had had this random dream when I haven’t spoken with any of them in years, it moved her a little.

This is what is weird about psychic dreams–

Was I right that Brittany had committed suicide or was in danger of committing suicide?

No, I wasn’t, I was totally wrong.

But I am right that something very serious is going on–and maybe they need my [amateur] medical input?

Since I never call or speak with any of them on a regular basis,!it was only this kind of dream that would trigger me to overcome the huge distance between me and that part of my family–

A dream as shocking as the dream I had–so shocking it triggered me to act–so upsetting, I needed to follow up, to rest my worries.

Brittany’s head pain is currently so bad she can’t go to school on a regular basis because the fluoresce lights hurt her.

5 weeks after being hit.

A brain MRI will not hurt her, and if something really bad is going on, it could save her life.

And it all started, because of a dream…

(In my mom’s defense, I could tell she had been thinking of an MRI, but since the neuro said she didn’t need it, she kind of dismissed it, but my urgency triggered her inner voice that was already there–)

Hopefully, Brittany is just going through the normal concussion healing process, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure there isn’t anything more extensive going on…

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Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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