No form on my bowels at all

I just had a poo that was almost just pure liquid…I had another one a few hours earlier, that was also very loose (but not as bad), but it smelled like someone had died. Even Noah said he had never smelled something that bad.

I’ve been really sick lately…a lot of things are going wrong at once. I’ve done a lot of antibiotics in the past, and I usually don’t have symptoms like this so quickly. I think my body has just been in rough shape for awhile…

I’ll get a stool kit tomorrow, and see how things are by the end of the day. I also need to pick up some yogurt…try to get more ‘good’ bacteria back in my body.

I’ve been really sick the last few months, mostly with complications from that oh-so-simply salivary gland removal back in October.

It’s been brutal.

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