I bought Noah a college biology textbook…

I bought Noah a college biology textbook…Bio 101.

On Friday, I brought Noah with me when I saw Dr. Pitchon, and I was absolutely *blown away* by the questions Noah was asking the doctor…and even more amazing, the way he was processing the answers. Noah asked questions–after ten years of being sick–I’ve never even thought to ask.

Noah was obviously happy I was finally talking with the ‘right’ doctor (he keeps yelling at me for spending too much time goofing off with Dr. Sherman), and golly-gee Noah was going to make the most out of this appointment…

And what was even more amazing — and how grateful I am — how Dr. Pitchon really took his time to answer all of Noahs questions, and engage his interest in the human body…watching him talk with Noah, I realized Dr. Pitchon was feeding a starving child — Noah was craving this kind of medical knowledge, and somehow I didn’t see it before —

(When Noah asks me questions, I usually answer as short as possible, or more likely I’m just telling him to google it…)

I feel like I just had cold water splashed all over me, and woke up and realized Noah is incredibly intelligent and gifted — even more so than I thought.

When he left the visit (Noah now being very happy with the visit — he felt Dr. Pitchon was the ‘right’ doctor and he did everything a doctor is supposed to do, but I know Dr. Pitchon did way more than that in the visit — Pitchon truly went beyond the call of duty –)

when we left, Noah said (as if he was Dr. Pitchon’s little teaching assistant),–he said it like a command–“so Mommy, what did you learn today”.

“Well Noah, I learned today that you are very very intelligent.”

Without missing a beat,

“But you already knew that.”

And I just laughed. I actually stopped in the lobby of the building and laughed for a moment.

“You’re right Noah–I’ve always known you’re intelligent, in fact, I used to tell people when you were still in my womb how intelligent you are. I felt it from the beginning.”

Noah not liking to waste time on sentimental things, quickly drilled me to give a recap…Noahs way of making sure I was ‘paying attention’.

(Noah is much more diligent about following doctors orders than I am…he thinks whatever a doctor says should be followed precisely, where I believe more that a doctor gives advice and I use that advice how I see fit…I see the physician/patient relationship more as a collaboration…)

I think Noah was finally just happy that I took him to a doctor’s appointment where I didn’t spent most of my time just shooting the shit, lol…Dr. Pitchon and I got down to business and it was all medicine…

Looking back on it, you know what I think I learned…I think I learned that Noah is really starting to grow up — he’s starting to understand complex problems and complicated solutions…his brain is like a sponge right now, he’s craving information…

Hence why I bought him this textbook…when I looked at the high school biology textbook, it actually seemed like Noah knew most of it already…

Noah keeps telling me he likes to watch science YouTube videos, and now I’m starting to believe him…

He’s definitely a little genius, lol, he might be a little doctor in the works…by engaging Noah, Dr. Pitchon made Noah think about medicine for the very first time, I could see it in noah’s eyes…for the very first time, ever, he contemplated, hmm…maybe I would like being a doctor…

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Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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