Noah reading his college level biology book :)

When Noah opened it, at first he said, “Mommy, I’m not going to read this — there aren’t enough pictures in it! I use pictures to determine whether or not I want to read about something.” 🙂

Then he became super obsessed with trying to figure out what grade the book was for, I told him to let that go — once he realized it was a textbook, I could see he only wanted to read it if it was for his grade level —

I put my foot down hard.

“Noah, you need to let the grade level thing go — you will never, ever, be normal, and frankly, that’s a good thing.”

Then I told him if he reads something he doesn’t understand, he can always ask Dr. Crosby or Dr. Pitchon to explain it to him.

He thought about that for a second ‘okay, sounds reasonable…’

Now he’s been flipping through the book for the last few minutes…he’s on the vitamin page, reading a chart about deficiencies of vitamins in human beings…

Noah is now rambling on about iodine deficiency and its impact on the thyroid, lol…I might have made a mistake buying this book–I can see he’s gonna be lecturing me on what he’s reading along the way 🙂

Did you know if you don’t get enough salt it causes muscle cramping? Or that Vitamin A is so important, that a deficiency will cause sight, skin and immune problems?

Class is officially in session 🙂

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