I think the Flagyl is working…

This is the first day in weeks I’ve actually had an appetite…I’m still a little nauseous, but I was able to walk around more today, and even get a little bit done (I made my puppy some homemade dog food–she started a hunger strike a few days ago with her puppy food, refusing to eat it (waiting/begging for table scraps instead), so I finally just cracked and read about homemade dog food, and today I finally had the strength to stand in the kitchen long enough to make it–and she loves it 🙂

I’m still not ready to be on my feet for more than a few minutes, but it was nice to be walking around a little and to eat a twice today, and not vomit it up 🙂

I’m still dripping the fluids. I’m going to start the Meropenam tomorrow. I’ll go to Cedars to do my bloodwork.

I hope you had a good weekend 🙂


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