Weird–dream about Carrie Fisher!

I think my dream is reassuring too…especially to those of us with a few sins under our belt πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ‘.

I wrote this email to you when I just woken up from my nap, in a daze, kind of like jotting something down so I wouldn’t forget it,

but now that I’ve had more time to process my dream, I think it’s entirely possible that when we die, our souls are absorbed by the plasma in space around us–

They’re not really sure what is ‘the soul’ or how it functions, yet we all know we have one. There’s also a lot we don’t know about about dark matter and other forces in the universe, so it’s entirely possible when the body dies, ‘the soul’ permeates back into the space around us…

And because the earth is moving–quickly, around the sun–

Her comment about ‘being behind’ could be that the moment she passed (which was probably on the plane), her soul joined that plasma right there in that space, but because the earth is moving so quickly, it got left behind…

There are many things in psychics, like light, that aren’t effected by the force of gravity,

making it’s very possible the soul isn’t effected either…so there it is, in that plasma space, where perhaps other forces in the cosmos move it around, or the soul rests in that plasma space, until another force absorbs it back into ‘life’–

On Dec 27, 2016, at 9:13 PM, Joe D wrote:

Well that’s reassuring! i think

In a message dated 12/27/2016 7:28:22 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, Tara writes:

I had a dream that I was talking with Carrie Fisher, and I asked her what it was like to be dead…she said that there wasn’t a heaven or a hell, that you just exist afterwards, almost like you’re soul is plasma in space–I asked if she was existing ahead of us, and she said no, it was behind–=

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