My Son is getting screwed at School

I’m not really sure how some people sleep at night.


I am so angry regarding the way this has been handled I’m shaking.

It would have cost you and the school nothing–nothing–to let Noah sit in the Algebra 1 class for a week during this transition period.

Horace Mann had no problem allowing Noah to be **failing** Yearbook, for weeks last semester without a concern or even informing me,

And yet you can’t allow Noah to sit in the class–where he should be–for a week.

You can’t acknowledge that Noah aced all his exams and still got 69% on the Algebra 1 exam, or that Noah completed the Algebra 1 work over the holidays.

Obviously, you or the school does not care about what is best for my son. He had an idea for a science fair project that was SO BRILLIANT I don’t know how many people have asked me ‘did Noah really think of this idea?’

Noah is CLEARLY one of the most brilliant minds to be walking your halls, not because I’m his mother but because NUMEROUS people have commented to me on his intelligence and insight into life since he was born.

The fact you are not creating an environment for him to succeed or thrive is unthinkable as an ‘educator’.

Noah came home from school yesterday talking about how he felt Harvard would be a good place for him to go to school–HARVARD.

And here I am fighting about a stupid Algebra 1 class?

Noah is less mad than I am, because he told me sometimes it takes a genius to recognize genius, and I told him he was wrong and that he has a right to be mad.

I will hold **everyone** accountable for this math mistake, as it is a mistake, and I will get letters and test results and tests scores from places like John Hopkins Center for gifted children, backing me up on Noah’s mathematics ability.

***One*** five minute conversation with my son and you will know he’s brilliant. Ask him about black holes, or the human immune system, or even his theory of fetal development and neurology.

Noah has the mind most of us can only read about in history books.

I will not let this neglect of his ability slide. All I’m asking for is to let him sit in the Algebra 1 class during the transition period.

Considering how easily you allowed him to be failing Yearbook, I know you have no fear of letting students fail.

Given Noah’s background and talents, it is not an unreasonable request to let him sit in the class.


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