Finding the right place to buried


Have you thought about where you’d like to be buried? Because what I was thinking, is we could find a place, get it, then if I live through this infection, maybe you could use it.

(Kind of like…a dark and goulash race to a morbid finish line 😜.)

Seriously though, I feel like I’ve spent so much of my adult life living in one big mess, I think the one thing I could do is by getting organized for the end. The goal is to obviously beat this infection, but I also need to start facing the dark reality…

The only thing good about this infection (well, nothing is good I suppose 😢), is that it’s a very slow growing bacteria, which gives me some time. It’s just with this new muscle spasms in my jaw, I know I need to get organized…

So I get organized with the arrangements, then forget about it–I go on with fighting this infection the best I can and living whatever life I have left, the best I can.

After everything you’ve done for me, I have to get this organized, I can’t put it off anymore. I was thinking Hollywood Forever, because I like that it’s a living cemetery and they screen old movies–I really like that, it’s how my love for the movie business started was old movies–but I was reading about the cemetery and it’s been mismanaged for years and it’s had a lot of corruption, which really doesn’t bode well for its long term future. The other place I was going to check out is Forest Lawn by Warner Bros…where I had my first job, where Noah walked around as a baby–

(Forest Lawn might be cheaper too 🤔)

I already checked out the Westwood cemetery a few years ago (where Marilyn Monroe is buried), but that cemetery is too expensive.

When I checked out the cemetery websites, I guess these funeral plots are also considered ‘investments’, though it seems like a strange way to look at it 👻.

I’ll call both places and get the information, and I’ll go by and see them if I have to, if they won’t give me any quotes on the phone….

I know it’s a totally depressing topic, but it will allow me to fight this infection with some peace in my soul…


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