Day 1 in the lab: A success!

I got down to work tonight and got started on actually making some products–where the work begins! I worked on a lip balm and a pillow spray, and the first one for each were both God awful…a humbling reminder this is gonna be a lot of work–

The first draft of the lip balm was waaaay too hard and only tasted like wax, then the first draft of the pillow spray smelled like a stale cinnamon bun. I don’t know why I tried to experiment with Cinnamon first, because I don’t even really like Cinnamon (I thought by maybe it was sexy? 🤔), but alas sometimes creativity gets the better of us and we end up diving off the wrong end of the pool 🙄.

By the end of the evening though, I ended up with a lip balm that I liked and a pillow spray I’m happy with too. I think I’m gonna call the lip balm ‘Orange Creamsicle’ and the pillow spray ‘Breathable Dreams’ (since the main ingredient of the pillow spray is eucalyptus, which hits the sinuses good. I threw in a couple of other scents to give it a balanced aroma, but the eucalystus is the dominant smell. (I really like it though…I’m actually going to use the spray on my pillow tonight :). I’m definitely many nights away from having a product I think is shareable with the world though,

but after the disastrous beginning of the evening I was happy to end it with something I liked 👍.

There was something empowering about using everything I’ve learned about essential oils, and being so sick I can’t really leave my apartment for extended periods, and then using all of that to come together to make something that might bring pleasure into someone else’s life…it was a really good feeling. I want to try and make other people’s lives better, and maybe I’ve finally figured out a way how to 🙂

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