Blood out of my port!

It’s so weird, I haven’t gotten a blood return out of my port for *weeks*, then all of a sudden tonight I’m lying down after my infusion and the next thing I know I see blood all through my tubing–

My port isn’t flushing that might easier right now, but I’m nursing my port like crazy because I’m trying to delay getting another one as long as possible 🤞, but it’s still hard to push in the saline…that’s why it’s so weird that some blood came back when it’s still that tough 🤔.

Everything in my life is frustratingly unpredictable and unexpected…Being chronically is kinda similar to living in a hurricane zone, in some ways…you know you’re gonna have a bad day, you just don’t know *exactly* how bad it’s gonna be until the day is over 🤢.

I hope everyone in the path of Irma is okay…one day we’re gonna have a super big earthquake in Los Angeles and we’re gonna need the world to help us too. We all need to be there for each other in bad times (natural disaster or not…). No one made it into this world alone and we all need a support system to survive…some of us just more than others, I guess…

About hopeforanswers

Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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