Getting ready to start in the lab :)

I’m having my first official work day, where I’m measuring everything and keeping detailed notes…I’m just trying to decide which product I should start with first. Noah is going to sit with me and work through it together…

I’ve decided to measure everything in the metric system, that’s going to be easier later when I’m making big batches of things…

I know I want to make:

* skin cream
* hair conditioning product (my hair is so dry and brittle…partly from being sick, partly from being over 40 šŸ˜¢) * body spray

* an anti-aging evening cream
* lip balm (mainly cuz I’ve already made one I like šŸ™‚
* sore joints/tough skin cream

I was going to do a ‘pillow spray’, but now I’m thinking a body spray might be better…in truth the same spray could be used either way, but it could never be marketed that way because people wouldn’t like that–

Maybe I’ll make the skin cream I’ve been wanting to make all along like a ‘rejuvenating morning cream’….maybe I’ll start there–

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