My super high tech lab labeling system 👍

My super high tech system: Every time I make a new skin cream recipe, I’m labeling it with a sharpie, R1, R2, etc 😜👍.

I’m keeping the recipe of each round on a separate piece of paper, so I can keep track of what I changed.

(Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ever post the exact recipe online, because it will be owned by the company, but I’ll keep track of my thoughts and notes as I go along…I like to think through my words, I suppose–)

So far it’s going ok…the first round smelled too much like a medicine cabinet and didn’t absorb into the skin very well (it left an oily feeling, which isn’t necessarily bad for your skin, but it’s just not pleasant so people won’t like it), then round two smells like a winter peppermint candy…

I don’t know how R2 feels on the skin yet because it’s not up to room temperate (I mix everything over heated water so the ingredients stay melted so I can blend them together),

but then I have to wait for them to harden. I’m using the fridge for now, but eventually when I get a recipe I like I’ll have to do one final test on how it hardens at room temperature, because when I’m making hundreds of bottles at a time they’ll all be going back to room temperature the old fashioned natural way 👍.

Of overall, so far so good though 😃.

It just takes a lot longer to make anything when you’re writing notes down…I made Noah help me for a little bit but then he needed to study for a French test. It’s going to take even longer when I start making them for real, because I’m going to be super strict about all of the equipment and follow all lab procedures, since I’ll be making something to sell to the public (which ironically I learned lab protocol last year helping Noah with his science fair project 🙄). It’s just to ensure both aesthetic and sanitary quality

One thing I did discover, bresthing in all of these essential oils for extended periods makes me a little nauseous…I was planning to wear a mask for when I make it ‘for real’ (that’s part of lab protocol), but I’m thinking I need to do it now during the practice rounds too–

The first major obstacle–getting the receipt correct!! After these first two rounds I know it’s going to take longer than I originally expected, but I still think I can be on target for the beginning of October–


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