Hot flashes are super intense and I get really sweaty

Is there anything we can do for hot flashes? Can they be related to my blood pressure problems?

They keep waking me up so I’m having problems sleeping too. A flash will hit, I’ll get drenched, then I’ll have the worst chill I’ve ever had, all the way down to my bone. Aunt Shannon bought me an electric blanket, which is great for the chill part, but the hot flashes of course I have to throw it off of me…

Then Cookie jumps on and licks me, lol. She can’t get enough of this Tara sweat 😬.

I’ll ask Dr. Pitchon the next time I see him, but please ask around if there are any blood tests I should do, to make sure these are menapausal and not something else —

(If my blood pressure gets worse and I end up in the hospital for a few days, I guess we can all do it all there too.)

I can barely walk around anyway right now, but these hot flashes would be too embarrassing to go into public anyway…when Nurse Joseph was here last night helping Noah, I had a bad one right in front of him, and he was like “wow”, and started recommending doing some bloodwork to get hormone levels, some Jamaican herbs and a bunch of fluids and vitamin B for my blood pressure…

I’ve never had anything like this. In fact I rarely sweat, like, ever — Noah and I talk about how we rarely sweat —and now it’s like multiple times an hour 😢

About hopeforanswers

Some kind of rare immune deficiency, yet to be determined. A lifetime of infections without an elevated white cell blood or fever. Very grateful to be alive, very thankful for the friends who’ve supported me and for access to literally millions of dollars worth of medical care. I’m not the bubble child, I’m somewhere in between.
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