Watching Tiger Woods videos :)

To help Noah prepare mentally for the tournament tomorrow, we watched some tiger woods videos on YouTube.

I wanted Noah to see the mental focus and concentration of professional golfers — which is exactly what Noah demonstrated yesterday when gaming was on the line if he parred 3 holes — I’ve never seen him focus and concentrate that hard, and he made it — now that I’ve seen Noah do it, I wanted to show him that’s how he’s always supposed to approach the golf course — every single shot, with that laser focus and intensity.

So we were watching a video of different highlight shots,

and amazingly,

they showed a shot of Tiger Woods sinking a chip shot **exactly** like the chip shot Noah sunk the other day.

“See Noah, you can do that — you just made that exact same shot the other day —“

And what was even better,

Was there a clip of Tiger totally blowing a chip shot, the crowd murmurs, etc, then he turns around and has to chip it again, and sinks the second chip shot —

“Even the best golfers flub shots Noah — it happens all the time — the issue is how well you recover after you blow a shot. Do you give up, or use your frustration as fuel to do even better on your next shot?”

I could see a little light start to glow in Noah’s eyes ❤️👍. We’ll see how this year goes, the year of golf ❤️, but if Noah keeps improving at the rate he’s improving (he’s only been golfing for 6 weeks :), maybe he will get a college scholarship after all 😍 🤞.

(Or better 🙂

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