This is you, Noah — article on Tiger knowing he was going to make a difficult putt

Reading this article reminds me of how I felt yesterday when Noah and I were standing by the green on the 7th hole, arguing about whether or not we agreed to count the 2nd hole as ‘par’ on not,

when I was starring at 3 beautiful tee shots all within a few feet of the green, making the argument feel totally ridiculous —

And I just looked at Noah,

“Noah, why are you arguing with me about whether or not I would count that close miss on hole 1 as a par — which I clearly said I would not, since you’re playing for something real today [unlimited gaming time] so you have to make a true par every time to count — but why are we wasting time arguing about this, when I’m standing here, staring at ***3*** beautiful tee shots — and I *know* FOR SURE — that you’re going to turn one of these balls into par right now on this hole, giving you your 3 pars for the course and thus you’ll win your night of gaming. SO STOP ARGUING WITH ME AND GO AND MAKE PAR.”

And sure enough,

the very first ball Noah chipped onto the green Noah turned into par —

Then he had it, by the 7th hole of the 9 hole course — his 3 pars ❤️.

(And he made another one on the 9th hole while he was at it 🙂

But what was important,

was that I had no doubt in my mind that Noah was going to make it.

I had watched Noah improve his chipping *dramatically* over the last week — even as the day itself progressed (we had played a different Par 3 course in the morning)— so with 3 beautiful balls lying near the green, I had no doubt Noah was going to turn at least one of those chip shots into the hole for par.

And then Noah did — and he made it look easy too. 😍💋

If anyone asks me one day, “since Noah started golfing so late in life at 16, at what point did you know he was going to become a professional golfer?”

instantly I would answer, “July 4, 2019”.

I knew Noah were going to make that chip shot, land the ball close to the pin, then sink it. I just knew it.

You have it Noah. Like the feeling I had when I was pregnant and knew you were smart — before you were even born — it’s a calm feeling, a feeling of knowing, of peaceful absolute certainty —

you have it for golf.

You just have to commit and play like you did on July 4th, 2019 — every day, for the rest of your life — long past when you care about whether or not you get to game at home for hours on end as a reward.

That is the way to play professional golf — complete commitment, focus, drive, and passion —

It’s only been 6 weeks of learning golf my dearest son, and you are growing leaps and bounds…like a ball rolling down hill, don’t think about it too much, and let it roll and roll and roll ❤️

Answer to How good a golfer was Tiger Woods? by Trent Hamilton

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