Quick question about which C2 test needs to be ordered

Thank you very much for your insight–I will talk with Noah’s doctors and coordinate the ordering of these tests, and I’ll have UCLA send both of our blood samples at the same time 🙂

I’m not sure how long the results will take, but I’ll send you a copy the moment I receive them–

Is there any other tests on that list that might be of interest? I really want to do the C3 test…it might not tell us anything, but with Noah’s previous test results I’m just curious, and I think it’s worth doing too–

I’m keeping fingers crossed this is the final answer, then I can open up the discussion of Noah doing a little IVIg, not a full dose right now, but I think a little will help him feel better–

(I read on an NIH website, the treatment for C2 gene dysfunction is IVIg and daily antibiotics (and just through learning and observing us through the years, I’m already on both and Noah is on daily antibiotics), but a little IVIg might actually better ensure Noah doesn’t hit major health problems as easily as I did…a confirmed C2 gene dysfunction would justify the IVIg–and with any luck, a little IVIg might protect him for a long time–)

On Jun 20, 2017, at 4:30 PM, Ryan G wrote:

Hi Tara – No bother. This is something I’ve wanted to resolve for a while now. Interesting find. C2 is the gene of interest that I think may not be making a functional protein, so based on the form, I think C2F is the functional assay that we want.

The only other mention of C2 is C2L. C2L is gives a level by RID. I’m not completely sure what this is…perhaps checking the amount of C2 being produced is my guess. There was nothing pointing to a lack of C2 so I don’t think this one will matter, but I can’t be sure.

I think based on everything we have done to date, C2F functional assay is the correct one.


On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 6:50 PM, Tara wrote:


I’m sorry to bother you with this (congratulations on the new baby coming :), but I need to move quickly because I may be forced to move back to Canada soon (for my medical expenses 😢).

I received this link about C2 testing done at National Jewish — which tests do you think could provide the most helpful information about Noah?

(He once had all of those strange results from the ALPS testing, that showed something wrong possibly with C3.)

Noah’s pediatrician is willing to write the order for the test, which just don’t know which tests to order.


Thank you very much for your help. 🙂 I’m glad everything is going well for you–


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B17 & apricot seeds (anti cancer)

Yea, this is why I bought my father a bunch of apricot seeds, but he never even opened the bag 🙄.

I don’t actually believe this (that cancer is a vitamin deficiency), but I do believe vitamin b17 helps kill cancer cells…

Vitamin b17 is also in flax seed as well, and I used that to reduce a strange growth I had in my uterus years ago (it definitely wouldn’t hurt to get some more flax seed, I guess….)

I’m so close to cancer in so many different parts in my body (esopagus, uterus, and cervix), I should step it up and be more preventative, instead of having to do scans and scopes all the time —

On Jun 20, 2017, at 2:05 PM, Peter Vakselis <pvakselis> wrote:

The word called cancer is a lie…You might not believe this but cancer is not a disease; it is a business.Cancer consists of only a deficiency of vitamin B17. It is nothing else.Cancer has become widespread; it has affected the old, young, baby and everyone.Sharing this wonderful post will expose many of the hidden hands of the world’s manipulators and annoy them.
Do you know that the book “World Without Cancer” has up till now been prevented from being translated into many world languages?
Know this: there is no disease called cancer. Cancer consists of only a deficiency of vitamin B17. It is nothing else.
Avoid chemotherapy, surgery and or taking medicines with strong side effects.
You would recall that in the past, quite a large number of seamen lost their life to a named disease (scurvy); a disease that took the life of numerous people as well. And a number of people got an enormous income from it. Afterwards, it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C. That means it wasn’t a disease (illness).

Cancer is also just like that! The colonizing world and the enemies of humanity established the cancer industry and made it into a business. from which they earn billions in income.

The cancer industry flourished after world war II. To fight cancer, all these delays, details and enormous expenditures are not needed. They only go to line the pockets of colonizers, especially since the cure for the condition was found long ago.

The prevention and cure of cancer will be obtained simply through the following strategies:

Those who have cancer should first try to know what cancer is. Do not panic! You should investigate the condition.

Nowadays does anyone die of an illness called scurvy? No. Because it gets cured.

Since cancer is only a deficiency of vitamin B17, eating 15 to 20 pieces of apricot stone/nucleus (fruit stone) everyday is enough.

Eat wheat bud (wheat sprouts). Wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is a rich source of liquid oxygen and the strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile. This matter is present in the fruit stone of apple and is the extracted form of vitamin B17 (Amygdalin).

The American medicinal industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production. This medicine is being manufactured in Mexico and gets smuggled into USA.

Dr. Harold W. Manner, in a book named “Death of Cancer” has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile is as high as above 90%.

Sources of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)

The foods containing vitamin B17 include the following:

-The fruit stone or grain(seed) of fruits. This contains the highest amount of vitamin B17 in nature. This includes fruit stone of apple, apricot, peach, pear, and prune (dried plum).

-Common beans, corns(grains), which include bean, lentil sprout (lentil bud) Lima (Lima beans) and pea.

-Kernels: Bitter Almond (Richest source of vitamin B-17 in nature) and Indian almond.

-Mulberries: almost all mulberries such as black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

-Seeds (Grains): sesame and linseed (seed of linen/flax seed).

-Groats of oats, barley, brown rice, groats of block wheat, linseed, millet and rye.

This vitamin is found in grains and fruit stones of apricot, brewer’s yeast, rough rice (paddy) and sweetmeat pumpkin.

List of Anti-Cancer Foods
•Apricots (kernels/seeds)
•seeds from other fruits like apples, cherries, peaches, prunes, plums, pears
•Lima beans
•Fava beans
•Macadamia nuts
•Bean sprouts
All are the highest sources of absorbable vitamin B17.

Ingesting dish washing liquids (used in the kitchen) and hand washing liquid (used in the restroom) is the main cancer causing factor so your eating of them should be restricted.You will surely say that we do not eat them!
However, you daily wash your hands with hand washing liquid and wash your plates with dish washing liquid.The liquid is absorbed and will not leave the plate with washing. When cooking or eating food, the soap in the plate or dish gets attached to the hot food and so we end up eating the dish washing liquid with our food. Even if you rinse the plate hundreds of times, that will be of no use.

But the solution is to pour half of the dishwashing liquid and hand washing liquid and top it up with vinegar.
It is as simple as that.Do not eat blood cancer causing agents and also save your family from this danger.Similarly, seriously desist from washing vegetables with even a few drops of dishwashing liquid because irrespective of how much you would rinse them, the chemicals would have already entered the tissues of the vegetable and will not get rinsed away.Instead, soak fruits and vegetables with salt and then rinse with water. And to keep them fresh, add vinegar.

Please share this post with others so they can also benefit from the information.

Read more: http://newsrescue.com/secret-uncovered-cancer-not-disease-business/#ixzz4LjhzhrTJ


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New frontier in cancer care: Turning blood into living drugs

The next generation of cancer drugs has arrived.

It’s so exciting I can’t wait for them to go onto the market 👍❤️.


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Pencil thin bowel movements…

I’ve developed pencil thin bowel movements again…I’m guessing it’s something I’ve eaten 🤔. I’m also more bloated than normal, but that can be food related too I think–

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Noah volunteered today at a church down the street

Noah helped today with 4-H club, they had a memorial lunch for the homeless. Noah did really well.

I always tell Noah we are very lucky not to be homeless, thanks to Grampa Joe, then when the organizer spoke before they let the people came in, he said “many of these people are homeless because they have health or mental illness issues, and the person who took care of them died and then they because homeless”.

I got chills…

I was really proud of Noah. He was really good with the guests and was very kind and sensitive to their comments and needs.

It was a good day 🙂

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Article about how Cranberry may help the body


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Cranberry Extract is my new thing

I’ve been reading a lot about Cranberry Extract the last few days…I really believe everyone should take one pill a day, it helps with so many things.

Cranberry Extract thins the blood a little (so don’t take it with Warfarin), and, as with all supplements, it should be discussed with a doctor who knows your medical case,

but I really believe that Cranberry Extract has a lot of healing properties in the body.

Cranberry Extract and Cod Liver Oil are the two main supplements that I believe are very helpful.

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