With CRISPR gene editing, unique treatments begin…

This is really exciting development in medicine 😍


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Shannon’s colonoscopy results – 2 polyps

This is my sister’s colonoscopy results (dob 3/20/76). I’m so friggen happy I kept pushing her to get one done.

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Hollywood as we knew it is gone :(

I really think Hollywood as we knew it, is gone — it was already on the brink before the pandemic hit, with too many other options,

it’s just now the pandemic had forced people into new habits, into new normal —

What’s important though — and what this article failed to point out — is that these smaller, more intimate stories are still being told –> they’re just being told in new formats — like Netflix, YouTube, instragram, Tik Tok —

We forget that film is a medium birthed by technological innovation, and technological innovation is guiding us into new directions.

It doesn’t make one bad or worse, storytelling through technological innovation means fusing our happily ever afters through the new —

While my heart aches and bleeds for the Hollywood of the big screens,

I admit it’s also because I’m a sentimentalist; a creature in love with habit,

But as a communicator and sharer of the human experience through technology,

we must continue to embrace and infuse with the new…


Quiet Awards Season Has Hollywood Uneasy


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My arm after the port needle came out a few minutes ago

This is what my arm looks like right now after the port needle came out a few minutes ago.

My arm is fine — nothing particularly alarming,

mostly just tape residue and a little blood and bruising around the port itself.

None of this is big deal in the scheme of life,

but this photo is just one example of the countless little knawing details those of us who are chronically ill go through every day.

Little details that’s part of our struggle to stay alive.

And we embrace it because we have no choice; it’s either embrace and accept to make the best of it,

or get lost into bitterness and depression…

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Weird yellow/green toe nail with a strange ridge on it

I have a weird yellow/green toe nail with a strange ridge on it…maybe it’s a fungus? Because I’ve had SCC in multiple places now, could it be that? πŸ€”

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Cali’s expression says it all

And this is how I was scratched up a zillion times πŸ€ͺπŸ₯°πŸ’₯

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One of the more painful ports I’ve had inserted πŸ₯²

This port in my left arm is definitely the ugliest…when my nurse took out the first needle last night, it bled and bled from the hole, as if there was a big pocket of blood around the port and now it was able to spill out….I’ve never had that happen before πŸ€”.

Instead of putting in a new needle right away, he’s going to give it a day then put in a new needle tonight.

The good news is that my really bad cough is almost gone, so the IV antibiotics are definitely working. πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ’ƒπŸ»

I just don’t want it to clot up, that’s my biggest concern…I need this little bugger to work πŸ₯°πŸ™βœ…

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“These tubes are NOT play toys” πŸ€ͺ

It’s difficult trying to explain to my kitten that these tubes coming out of my arm are NOT play toys. πŸ₯°

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Here we go! Power port #7 (or #8? πŸ€”)

I’m getting my new Power Port today, I love these Ports. I wish I could send a thank you card to the person who invented them ❀️⚑️

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If I could write a poem about an IV stick, it would be about this one β€οΈ

If I could write a poem about an IV stick, it would be about this one for sure πŸ₯°πŸ’―

This IV stick in my right forefinger was the **best** IV stick I’ve ever had in 16 years of being stuck (thousands of times).

The stick went in last Saturday night (after the John Williams performance at the Hollywood Bowl, first time Noah and I did anything in years),

and a week later tonight the stick was *still* good — in fact, the line was even leaking back blood earlier today, which is the sign of a *really* good line cuz it’s open —

But I had to take it out cuz it was starting to itch a little…if I had to, the dressing could have come off, cleaned my finger, then put clean dressing over the same stick,

but thankfully I’m scheduled to get my new power port put back in on Monday morning so I’ll be okay for a day and a half πŸ₯°β€οΈ.

And even better news?

The cough that I’ve had for **months** — the cough that was so bad I was spontaneously vomiting and ripping muscles all throughout my chest and stomach area —

That cough is **finally** subsiding on the IV Invanz!! Wow wow wow yea!

I should probably do another lung CT in a couple of weeks to see if my lungs look like they’re improving on imaging too…I wonder how long this is gonna take…

But for now,

I’m glad the cough is subsiding. It’s gonna be a long journey in front of me back on IV meds, so I’m looking forward to getting my power port back in on Monday πŸ™‚

(Noah kept saying he thought my cough was infection based, and it’s definitely starting to look like he’s right…im so relieved it’s going away, I was getting really worried it might have been the Big C…)

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