23 and Me is getting screwed.

I was *shocked* to get an email regarding a ‘settlement’ from 23 and Me regarding their genetic analysis kits.

I have a lot of medical problems, and I can say with absolute certainty that the genetic report I received from 23 and Me was almost exactly correct, and it even helped explain a previously undiagnosed problem I had (scholarderma) I’m willing to provide medical records to support the 23 and Me report sent to me.

I was very fortunate to be able to get a kit before November 2013, and my son got one after that date, giving me the opportunity to compare and contrast the two reports. I was horribly *disappointed* with the second report because it wasn’t nearly as thorough. I know 23 and Me has so much more information and for reasons I’ll never understand, they were blocked (by the FDA?) to share it.

I’m not an attorney, and I definitely don’t understand all the details of what’s going on,

but please pass on a note to the creators of 23 and Me, and let them know how grateful I am for the work they’re doing.

Sometimes when something revolutionary comes along, it rocks ‘the powers that be’, but eventually the truth will persevere and the good your company has done, and will do, for many people will triumph.

I wish there was a ‘f*ck this settlement’ option for customers, I’d click on that, but alas that’s now how life goes 🙄.

When I read the packaging, there was no guarantee and I felt they thoroughly explained genetic testing for diseases and disorders was still in its early years–hence all the questionnaires. Why would *anyone* have a problem with that?? So your genes say you might get a disorder and you don’t, great, that’s a bonus.

But I would **much** rather have a warning of a potential storm coming so I could better prepare for it. Who knows how many lives 23 and Me could have saved.

Please, no matter what happens, keep pursing your mission. You will save many lives one day.



P.S. For example, I’ve had abnormal esophagus cells from scopes, and my 23 and Me report said I had a much higher than normal chance of getting esophagus cancer–hello, warning bell–Keep checking that esophagus!!! Your pre-2013 genetic tests kits were like offering people seat belts before they get into a crash. They might not get into a crash, but isn’t it nice to be prepared just in case??

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Important message for Noah and his writing

If Noah only remembers one thing I’ve tried to teach him about writing, I hope it’s this:

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Hmm…I’ve had bad stomach pains all day and now I have a green tongue 🤔

I’ve had stomach pains all day, so I took some antacids a few hours ago then drifted back to sleep, when I woke up I was still having stomach pains, but I had this new horrible taste in my mouth…when I looked into a mirror I had a green tongue too.

Before I fell asleep, I was also having some upper chest pain a little too, more like chest pressure, I think maybe it was my stomach before it really started to hurt (?)

I don’t think I’ve had a green tongue before…I’ve had super thick thrush on my tongue in the past, but it wasn’t green. The thrush right now on my tongue isn’t very thick, it’s just green. If I wasn’t having such bad stomach pains I wouldn’t think much about it, but I think the green and the pain might be related–

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Noah’s on a Zpack

It started with a little red in his eye, then turned into a sore throat, then his nose started to get goey….

The same trifecta he’s had over and over again since he was a toddler.

Thankfully he doesn’t get infections as often since he started daily antibiotics, but they do come.

High school was when I started to have really bad infections…countless strep throat, sinus, bronchitis, lost my tonsils, my appendix…

So I’ve got Noah on daily Vitamin B, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C, a calcium bone supplement and Cranberry Extract pills in addition to his daily antibiotics.

Noah has not been the most compliant patient (we have a little trouble with compliance in this family sometimes 🤢),

perhaps maybe it was good Noah got an infection less than a month after starting school, because it reminds him that yes, this immune deficiency is real even if people don’t entirely understand it. Just because it doesn’t have a definite name doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

It’s hard for both of us to accept that sometimes. We both ache to be normal and wish this to go all away somehow,

but denial is both expensive and deadly…much cheaper to take daily antibiotics than to develop pneumonia and end up in the hospital for a week.

It’s absolutely critical that Noah needs to believe he has an immune deficiency even when others do not. Most people will never understand why he needs to take daily antibiotics because he will always look healthy, and that’s okay. They don’t need to understand.

He does.

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Somebody is not happy in her bonnet :(

Lol–that’s a good name for a horror film right there, ‘The Cone’. You’re right it really does work, and I got her a nice one, it has a little padding around the neck, so I know it’s not hurting her…it’s just too bad she doesn’t understand not to lick herself too much, but the cone is definitely the next best thing…kind of like the playpen for babies. It makes a safe space for them 🙂

I have some presents for you, samples of each round I made yesterday, I was going to bring them in today but Noah ended up staying home sick from school. I’m excited to show you and get your opinion. Did you see the label I sent you? What did you think? I showed Noah’s doctor today (Dr. Crosby) and she loved it.

I’m thinking now I’m going to change the spray from a ‘body wash’ to an ‘herbal spray’, because I think there are so many more uses, like on a pillow or even an air freshener in a car. This way I can also add a small anti-microbial to the ingredients, and the all-natural body wash spray fans won’t freak out.

(After researching I just think it’s too dangerous not to have a little antimicrobial…right now I’m researching both Citric Acid (Vitamin C) and food grade hydrogen peroxide, I’m leaning towards the food grade hydrogen peroxide because all-natural hydrogen peroxide actually can be good for the skin too…still researching though 🙂

(The normal hydrogen peroxide bought in stores has a lot of extra chemicals in it, food grade is pure and can be even drank when extremely diluted, though I wouldn’t drink it.)

The main thing I’m trying to figure out, is what dose does the hydrogen peroxide need to be to make both a spray and the skin cream anti-microbial, and then would that dose burn the skin.

(For example, some people love to say essential oils are antimicrobial, and to some degree they are, but actually for them to be truly antimicrobial it would be too strong for human skin and would burn it.)

Lots of research…just chemistry and biology together 🙂

By the time I have the recipe finalized, I’m going to have the cleanest and best run home based lab ever, lol. In some ways, I’m the best person to make natural skin creams and sprays, because I’m *super* diligent about not giving myself any kind of infection…most people don’t care as much about bacterial growth because they don’t need to care…I know how important good sanitation truly is 🙂

On Sep 11, 2017, at 7:47 PM, DrSavaard wrote:

All animals hate The Cone. But it’s a great invention.

In a message dated 9/11/2017 7:43:14 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, teddyleigh writes:

Vet said it put Cookie in a cone when she starts liking herself too much from her allergies, and yesterday she gave herself a weird skin wound from licking too much, so today–she’s wearing the bonnet 🙂

And she is **not** happy about it. 😢


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There’s a blob of honey in my skin cream 😡

I guess the dash of honey I added to R3 didn’t work out so good, lol. Maybe I could have heated it for longer, I’m not sure, but I think instead I’m going to move on to other bee products for R4–

I just finished R3, and I think I’m gonna let this harden then take a break, maybe for the night. I need some time to digest the first three rounds, so I’ll go work on the labels for a little while instead.

It’s amazing how much this designing a skin care recipe is like screenwriting, you come up with an idea, work it for awhile, then your brain literally FRIES and you gotta take a break. Like studying for an exam. It can only take so much thinking then you gotta veg out…

And dream for awhile again 🙂

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My super high tech lab labeling system 👍

My super high tech system: Every time I make a new skin cream recipe, I’m labeling it with a sharpie, R1, R2, etc 😜👍.

I’m keeping the recipe of each round on a separate piece of paper, so I can keep track of what I changed.

(Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ever post the exact recipe online, because it will be owned by the company, but I’ll keep track of my thoughts and notes as I go along…I like to think through my words, I suppose–)

So far it’s going ok…the first round smelled too much like a medicine cabinet and didn’t absorb into the skin very well (it left an oily feeling, which isn’t necessarily bad for your skin, but it’s just not pleasant so people won’t like it), then round two smells like a winter peppermint candy…

I don’t know how R2 feels on the skin yet because it’s not up to room temperate (I mix everything over heated water so the ingredients stay melted so I can blend them together),

but then I have to wait for them to harden. I’m using the fridge for now, but eventually when I get a recipe I like I’ll have to do one final test on how it hardens at room temperature, because when I’m making hundreds of bottles at a time they’ll all be going back to room temperature the old fashioned natural way 👍.

Of overall, so far so good though 😃.

It just takes a lot longer to make anything when you’re writing notes down…I made Noah help me for a little bit but then he needed to study for a French test. It’s going to take even longer when I start making them for real, because I’m going to be super strict about all of the equipment and follow all lab procedures, since I’ll be making something to sell to the public (which ironically I learned lab protocol last year helping Noah with his science fair project 🙄). It’s just to ensure both aesthetic and sanitary quality

One thing I did discover, bresthing in all of these essential oils for extended periods makes me a little nauseous…I was planning to wear a mask for when I make it ‘for real’ (that’s part of lab protocol), but I’m thinking I need to do it now during the practice rounds too–

The first major obstacle–getting the receipt correct!! After these first two rounds I know it’s going to take longer than I originally expected, but I still think I can be on target for the beginning of October–


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