Cranberry Extract is my new thing

I’ve been reading a lot about Cranberry Extract the last few days…I really believe everyone should take one pill a day, it helps with so many things.

Cranberry Extract thins the blood a little (so don’t take it with Warfarin), and, as with all supplements, it should be discussed with a doctor who knows your medical case,

but I really believe that Cranberry Extract has a lot of healing properties in the body.

Cranberry Extract and Cod Liver Oil are the two main supplements that I believe are very helpful.

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How to talk with doctors…

This is a response I made on a Facebook post about how to try and get a surgeon to help her.

(Since she posted her post on a public forum, I copied it here, but I didn’t include her name for privacy.)

Patients really need to see it from the doctor’s point of view sometimes…especially in this medical legal climate…


So I’m a decade plus past my total colectomy w/anastemosis. I know I have several hernia sites and last month had a radical hysterectomy.

I had two surgeons work on me and the general who was there in case I had bowel issues agreed to look for and correct any he found while he was in there. Well, he didn’t with the excuse on the physical exam before surgery he didn’t feel any intestines poking thru.


My question to the group is this, have any of you dealt with hernia sites that do not bulge since we don’t have enough guts to poke thru and how did you convince someone to fix them? I have diastasis recti so bad I can fit my hand in it, an umbilical hernia, and 3 surgical site hernias. All you can tell are holes in the mucles, all painful and growing bigger with the years, but this guy not only lied to my face and dismissed me, but he squandered a precious opportunity to fix them and not put me thru more surgery!

Does this make sense? What do I do? How do I explain a hernia without the guts poking thru issue as urgent in need of fixing?


This is having a super solid relationship with a family doctor is really important — he or she can push a surgeon for you even if your imaging studies are negative.

If you don’t have a strong relationship with a family doctor (or any doctor who knows you well), then you must just find another surgeon. Its **extremely** important when you meet with this new surgeon (or any surgeon), that you are calm and business like, you acknowledge that you understand that you’re a complicated and difficult medical case, but you are in their office because you are begging for their help. Explain calmly what’s going on, and what you think is a good solution, and why. Bring any supportive medical articles to back up your assessment too.

You have to understand, surgeons are going to scared of you — and they *definitely* don’t want to cut into you and make it worse. Because you’ve already had so much work done by surgeons, any new surgeon specially is going to nervous about cutting you open again. As they see it, as much as you are in pain now, they don’t want to make it worse. That’s why you have to talk with them calmly and matter-of-factly, almost as if you were one doctor talking with another, explaining why you think you need this surgery. If they say no, just say thank you and move on to the next surgeon. That’s really all you can do.

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A sign your godson is growing fast and strong :)

Noah just made himself *six* waffles to eat — I was like, really? “Ya mom, they’re really just like and fluffy”.

Hello growth spurt 😜👍

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Cookie and the Cat

There was a very friendly cat on the other side of the street, And she tried to walk up to me but Cookie would have none of it 😡. I had to hold Cookie down and then I was able to pet the cat. The car kept looking at Cookie like ‘you need to chill dude’. The whole thing was kinda funny 🙂

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Human skull below ‘Westwood Medical’

Do you think anyone noticed the irony of posting a skull below ‘Westwood Medical’? 🤔

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(Sonora Nutrition) Cranberry Concentrate

Sonora Nutrition Cranberry Concentrate is the brand I’m using, in case other patients with repetitive UTIs would like to try it. I read that there was an NIH study done on Cranberry Extract pills, and not all brands actually worked to help reduce infections. It was depended on the level of protancystic in the pill (I know I’m spelling that word wrong 🙄).

For whatever reason, they didn’t list which brands they actually tested…frustrating 😡. But some brands did work — and it looks like this one definitely is helping. Many of the reviews on Amazon were positive as well (that’s why I bought this one in the first place 🙂

When I was researching cranberry extract pills, I just figured it couldn’t hurt and I might as well try it cuz I’ve had so many bad urine results I had nothing to lose, so now I’m very *very* happy I had a normal urine sample!! I think this is the first normal urine I’ve had since I stopped taking the IV Vanco (and who wants to live on IV Vanco the rest of their life — no one!!)

I’m so happy to have normal urine!!! Yea yea yea!! 🎉😜👍.

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Neck MRI and blood results

Dear Dr. Dxxxx,

I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow as always. From the MRI results, everything looks pretty good and the lymph node is 10mm, which I think is an improvement from what it was a few weeks ago on the ultrasound.

My sed rate is still high, which is expected since I’m still fighting this infection…it’s one of the few blood tests that tends to show anything when I have an infection…

(Any luck with your friend at the NIH? Even if he can tell us where we can get our C2 gene function test done (and how to write out the order), that would be really helpful. We know both Noah and I have a big deletion there, so it would be great if we can just find the lab that can do a function test on that gene–)

Thanks again for everything…yikes what a journey. I know I’m a difficult case, so I really appreciate your insight.

Tara 🙂

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