I just woke Noah up, gave him some Bolthouse protein drink

I just woke Noah up and gave him some Bolthouse protein drink…

Reminds me when he was a baby, feeding him in the middle of the night…

I reminded him that TPN was truly absolutely the trigger of last resort, it’s almost guaranteed to cause other problems (like infections),

So basically it’s now until Noah gets in to see the TPN doctor as the ‘last chance’ to really turn this around with TPN

Of course that’s what I said two weeks ago and he’s still lost weight…

I’m gonna to call the doctor you gave me first thing in the morning, then the home health agency to see what kind of discount I can negotiate if insurance doesn’t cover it,

(since I’m literally a 15+ year user of home health services, I’m a ‘good client’, so hopefully they’ll be flexible)

I’m also going to set up the port appointment, since I want Dr. Ng to do it and Dr. Ng’s usually a little bit of a wait. Of course Noah won’t actually get the line unless Noah gets set up for TPN, but I want to get the appointment on the books since it probably won’t be until week of July 11th at the earliest..

And until then…

before Noah’s appointment with the TPN doctor I’ll keep making this last desperate move to keep feeding Noah at night…

Here and there little sips and bites…

One bit at a time…

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The Fall of Bitcoin: a powerful Greek tragedy just waiting to be written

Yes you may be correct that crypto itself may stick around but there are other cryptos that are much faster and more efficient than $BTC.X

The Model-T was the first large scale manufactured car, a technological marvel of its time,

Would you trade in your car and buy a Model-T?

Or the Lisa computer?

This is why $MSTR is f***ed — they never ever should have dumped billions of dollars into yesterday’s great new technology.

He’s a tech guy, he knows better. He should be seeing the new cryptos and what they bring to the table and adjust accordingly. That’s what it means to ‘swallow the pill’ — see the truth as the truth is laid out in front of you.

Will Bitcoin always hold a special place our hearts? (And in history books?) Of course it will.

But buy it for its ‘technological innovation’ when there are clearly better cryptos now? $ETH.X $HBAR.X $SOL.X

I feel bad for both holds of $BTC.X and holders of $MSTR. Future generations are going to make really interesting movies about all of this. Interesting character.

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I just wrote this about Bitcoin…why I don’t like it

I don’t think he’s dumping $BTC because $MSTR is a publicly traded company and it would come out.

Worse than dumping, he’s trying to lure more victims in a desperate plea to save himself (or that’s how his behavior looks to me).

Seriously — this is why we all have to use our own heads and make our own decisions in the end. I’ve been excited about a stock only to later to change my mind: new information = new decision, so maybe he’s an idiot who really believes $BTC is a good investment at this point in time so he’s trying to coax others to buy into Bitcoin.

Why am I bearish? As banks modernize and embrace instanteous transaction methods (ie Zelle),

the financial role Crypto can play is diminished in importance. There are other roles for Crypto in our digital universe, like ownership of digital art, which is in play (ie $ETH.X and NFTs),

but crypto as a means of ‘instantaneous financial transactions’ is losing its importance as banks modernize and as the US clamps down on anonymous crypto transactions.

Remember: when Bitcoin was created, it was much more different to send money instantaneously. It was a different world then.

I’m not bearish on crypto overall, as there are other uses for it, particularly in regards to persevering and authenticating ownership of art (which I like).

But Bitcoin? We simply don’t need it.

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Severe anorexia nervosa treated with total parenteral nutrition. Clinical course and influence on clinical chemical analyses – PubMed


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It not only CAN happen here…. It IS happening here!

Yes!!! I have noticed how much meaner the United States has become — I’ve felt it for awhile though, in the way people treat me as a patient…I’m treated dramatically different when I’m in Canada (though I have other problems with that healthcare system since my case needs things beyond the scope of what they’re willing to do for me sometimes because my case is unusual),

But the one thing that is shocking different is that people have a *much* more compassionate reaction when I mention I have a serious chronic illness —

Here in the US, when I tell people I have chronic health problems,

99% of the time people *instantly* find ways to distance themselves from me,

or worse, try to twist my serious health problems like ‘what you really have is a personality problem, not an crippling autoimmune disorder’,

Whereas in Canada, when I would mention to people that I have a serious autoimmune disorder (ie, Noah’s teacher, parents of his new friends, etc),

*every* single person was like ‘really? Omg, what is that like? It must be so hard for you. Is there anything I can do to help?’

After many months of thinking about it,

I concluded the main reason probably why the reactions are so different,

Is that here in the United States, if you care about someone with a serious health problem,

it’s going to cost money — even with insurance — being a patient is a never ending cash drain —

So people in the United States,

try to distance themselves from patients, because they don’t want to care about you — because caring means that eventually it’s going to cost money —

Patients are people who need help, people who need a support system,

and pretty much it’s close to impossible to build one when you need it because of this collective distancing, it’s like a catch-22 —

At first I thought this compassionate reaction in Canada was just a fluke, or just a single nice person,

But then it literally kept happening — even a guy I once went on a date with once even wanted to see me again *after* I told him I was sick (which has *never* once happened to me here in the US, unless the guy thought there was really something in it for him 😡),

So eventually I realized —

it was in the culture in Canada, to be compassionate,

because everyone’s healthcare is paid for by the government —

So people can make friends with sick people because they’re not worried about taking on an additional financial burden.

Patients cost money; a lot of money…co pays deductibles, prescription medications, home nursing visits, etc etc etc —

The United States ‘me me me’ has gone too far for too long and now we’re literally imploding from the inside on a lot of levels…everything from road rage to even people getting frustrated in a line at the grocery store —

Our collective sociopathie is poisoning us…making us all unhappy too, I don’t believe most people want to mean, they become mean out of circumstances (though some people definitely make it a point to be mean…)

On Jun 23, 2022, at 10:42 AM, Joe D wrote:

Have You Noticed America Has Gotten Meaner?

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All doctors should lower outcome expectations with their patients

When I read negative reviews about doctors, most of the time they bug me a lot — especially if I know the doctor is actually a really good doctor —

So I got thinking about what triggers negative medical reviews,

and most of the time negative reviews are written because the patients expectation regarding what modern medicine can do for them is too high;

Doctors should address these impossible expectations head on and end every appointment with a new patient:

“I hear you, and I see that you’re in pain; what we discussed today is the beginning of your wellness journey. Due to the fact everyone responds differently to medications, it make take a few approaches until we find the approach what works best for you. But I’m here for you, so please keep a medical diary of your symptoms every day, including food and exercise notes, then we’ll review it at your next appointment and see if we need to make adjustments or look for a different diagnosis.”

The point of the medical diary: who the f*** is gonna keep a medical diary every day, god knows if I had started one it would go all the way back to when I could barely even write a sentence,

but the point of telling patients to keep a medical diary

is to give them something to do that also empowers them to see the impact of their choices in their wellness journey.

Old timers like me?

Yea, forget it 🤪

But I already know medicine is a journey and no one gets it right all the time — neither me or my doctors — I don’t need a wellness diary to keep me entertained in my misery —

I just feel too many people (thank you Hollywood?) have too high of an expectation for what medicine can do for them,

and don’t understand that side effects/complications are part of the game —

So then they lash out at their doctor when these unfair expectations are not met;

Are there ‘bad’ doctors? Of course. But most bad reviews I read don’t seem rooted in ‘bad medicine’ but are rooted from ‘bad expectations’ —

People like to be heard — I simple ‘I hear your pain’ can go a long ways to soften the ride —

No one wants to battle a severe illness alone.

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There is so much beauty around us

I’m grateful for the little beauties around us.

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Everyone should have a colonoscopy by 30

Everyone should have a colonoscopy by 30 years old, then one every five years until 50, then every 3 years after that–

(And of course more often if there are any polyps or problems found.)

It’s so tragic to read stories of young people dying of colon cancer, which when caught early, colon cancer is entirely treatable —

Screening tests shouldn’t look at the odds — fuck the odds, even if *one* life is saved by starting screenings earlier, then start the screenings earlier —

I’ve been very lucky to have great medical care at Cedars, having insurance through Grampa Joe…the number of polyps I’ve had cut out, and now of course these repetitive cancers,

but it’s all just minor bumps in the road when caught early…

[And I have another biopsy next week on Tuesday, this time for more bumps on my scalp…]

My heart breaks for Billy and his family…so tragic, to die so young….

I wonder if I would have died around 35 as well if you hadn’t found the polyp in my early 30s…

Everyone should have their first colonoscopy by 30…set up good habits young..


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My forehead is still a big bump but not red

My forehead still has a bump (and it’s sore to the touch) but it isn’t red anymore and the swelling has gone down a little too.

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Men, be warned. Running marathons could actually…

I always knew it was highly unlikely the kind of strain training and running in a marathon can be good for someone….too stressful…

I firmly believe Hippocrates was right, the key is to walk a lot ❤️


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