Men, be warned. Running marathons could actually…

I always knew it was highly unlikely the kind of strain training and running in a marathon can be good for someone….too stressful…

I firmly believe Hippocrates was right, the key is to walk a lot ❤️

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A Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result: Remission in…

Wow! This is really great news for rectal cancer patients, sounds like it works on colon cancer — can’t wait for more studies to be finished and for this drug to get to market —

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Patients as bad historians: Typical day in the life of Tara the Patient 🤪

Today at USC Keck.

ENT Doctor: “what surgeries have you had?”

Me: “tonsils, appendix, gallbladder, a lot of scopes, polyps in numerous places…”

ENT Doctor: “any other surgeries?”

Me: “Nope”

ENT thinks for a moment then starts examining my neck and throat..

ENT Doctor: “Hmmmm….” feels neck a little more, pauses to look at my neck from the outside too,

“have you had a [xyz] gland removed?”

Oops, oh ya, that surgery too 🤪.

Look on his face was priceless: really Ms. ******, you’re here at an ENT office and you forget to mention your ENT surgery?

I smiled kind of sheepishly then tried to explain to him when something in my medical history isn’t particularly painful or memorable, I tend to forget it…

There’s just too much going on to keep it all in my little brain 😝.

This is why I like to do everything at Cedars ❤️

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Bitcoin will survive but could crater to $8,000 a…

I agree with this expert–that Bitcoin could go all the way down to 8k,

(Which is why I’ve never followed crypto — without regulation it’s the ultimate Ponzi scheme because there’s too much freedom for the people behind the coins to change the rules of the game in the middle of it, whenever and however they feel like it –)

But —

And this is a big But —

A big factor in the future price of all crypto coins depends on what kind of regulations (and role) government starts to play into crypto currencies —

So –> if government gets more involved and starts to regulate crypto and institutionalize it, etc,

Then crypto could skyrocket with government infrastructure and support —


My gut says government’s role in crypto is on the back burner with the mess we’re in, the war, food, prices rising, etc etc,

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105.2 pounds: we’re making progress

Noah got on the scale today, he’s a 105.2 pounds fully clothed (that’s his sneakers in the photo).

It’s a small victory, but it’s a victory…waking him up in the middle of the night to help him drink ensure is a headache, but I’m glad there’s some progress…

Noah’s weight issue is a full time job that I wish I had the money to hire him a nurse and a physical therapist and a nutritionist to handle,

but we can’t so I have to be all three rolled up into one…

I’ll be able to breathe a little when he’s at 120, then really relax when he gets to 150…

But 120 is the immediate goal….

I’m glad there’s a little progress…I’m really worried…this last expert (and then my sister afterwards) scared the shit out of me….I had no idea how dangerous the situation had become, I’ve been so stressed with everything else…

Helping Noah is a full time job right now, but I’m glad he’s making progress 🥰

(If his weight had been lower, I would have called Dr. Sherman immediately to talk about TPN, so it’s great news there is some progress — monitoring Noah around the clock might be the more time consuming option then TPN, but it’s better for him and less expensive too (though Ensure isn’t cheap), but hopefully we can make it to 120 by July….)

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My lip is healing really nicely

I can’t believe what an amazing job Dr. Hung did on my lip. For how much he had to take out for the cancer, it looks really really good…

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Waiting for my check up on my lips

Waiting to see the doctor to check on my lips…they look pretty good, but I’m ready for these stitches to come out, they itch…

Tomorrow is the cancer doctor at USC, then next week I gotta make that appointment for more biopsies on my scalp…

Staying alive is becoming a constant juggling act…it’s always been a lot to manage with my reoccurring infections, but these reoccurring cancer blips is another constant stress…

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Waking Noah up in the middle of the night…

Noah is so thin right now (6 feet tall –> 104 lbs fully clothed),

I’ve started to wake him up in the middle of the night to feed him a bottle of ensure…

I haven’t fed Noah in the middle of the night since he was a baby,

and now he’s so thin, it’s such a razor sharp blade of existence,

the risk is too great to not be monitoring him around the clock…

Part of me has been asking ‘how did it get so bad and I didn’t notice’,

I guess it’s the laundry list of stressors and excuses,

But I should have been on top of this months ago…

Now I’m worried sick every day, until he gets to 120lbs…then I’ll be able to breathe again,

but really he needs to be a minimum of 150lbs before I can relax…

If Noah gets any thinner he’s going to need TPN, which has its own side effects and potential complications…

Hopefully the Ensure is gonna work….

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I think my lips are healing okay 🤔

I think my lips are healing okay 🤔.

Tomorrow I have a follow up at Dr. Hung’s office, I’m pretty sure I’m getting my stitches out…

Hopefully I’ll be able to smile and laugh again, I’m not sure how much I’m gonna feel…some of my lips feels numb…

My lip looks ***much*** better then I expected it to look, I’m like wow…I didn’t expected it to look this normal after the surgery. Dr. Hung and his team does amazing work–

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#healing ❤️

My lip is looking better and better every day 🙂

Still hurts like a bitch to smile or laugh tho…but my lip is getting there 🙂

(In fact, my lip healing so well from the surgery I decided to binge eat a whole bag of Milano mint chocolate chips cookies tonight lol…got crums all over myself like a toddler and had to redo my dressing,

but yummy yummy it felt good to get those cookies in my belly 🤪❤️)

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