Near-death experiences! Nuff said!

I got chills reading this…

Closest thing that ever happened to me, was when I let go of the ropes too late when I was waterskiing when I was 16 years old, and I realized I was about to hit the dock…

What was amazing, was everything slowed down, like every moment was an eternity…I can still remember it like a slow motion scene in a movie,

letting go of the ropes,

realizing I was about to hit the dock 40+ miles an hour, then as I skated across the water at full speed, turning and seeing my mother standing up in horror, with her hands coming up to her face (all in slow motion), then turning back to face the dock and realizing, slowly and distinctly,

“I’m going to hit the dock and I’m going to die”,

then suddenly it was like a force from the heavens threw me aside,

and inside of hitting the dock head on,

I crashed to the left of it,

and as I feel into the water a long rusty metal pipe ripped the entire side of my chest, tearing through my life jacket and bathsuit, leaving me bleeding and swollen for a few weeks,

but I was okay…I couldn’t take a deep breath for a few days afterwards it hurt so bad, but I made it…

That entire experience was like every moment suddenly slowed down…it’s hard to explain, there was so much clarity in every moment even though in ‘real time’ it was probably all a fraction of a second—

Once I hit the water, time crashed back to normal and i could hear my mother screaming and yelling at me, and the boat spinning around to see if I was okay, everyone freaking out expecting me to have to rushed to the nearest hospital…

I’ve never had an experience like that since, that kind of slow motion clarity,

it definitely further demonstrates the brain does work in mysterious ways…

and there’s definitely a lot more to living and ‘being alive’ then we understand ❤️

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What do near-death experiences mean, and why do they fascinate us? | Society | The Guardian



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