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The perfect storm of bad events

It’s like that old saying, when it rains it pours….and this month has just been one bad thing after another, all rolled up into one. Losing my significant other, the person I trusted to carry me through rough times if … Continue reading

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Great conversation with Dr. Rupert Kaul at University of Toronto

I think both Americans and Canadians have misbeliefs about the other’s healthcare system–where the truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. For example, if money isn’t an issue (how many people fit this category?), then clearly … Continue reading

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The struggles with being chronically ill

Everyone with a chronic, ongoing illness gets to the point where they wonder if it is time to draw the line. This has nothing to do with wanting to die–I think most of us prefer to experience the rare joy … Continue reading

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David’s daily antibiotic

I just sent this to David’s father, in the event something happens to me. Hopefully, David won’t go through what I’ve been through because they will find the answer and cure him, or David will have enough preventative treatment that … Continue reading

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Struggling to piece this all together

It’s very difficult when my father is not very open or honest about his medical history. It doesn’t mean we can’t solve it, it just makes it a little more difficult…. I’m very grateful that are trying to help, especially … Continue reading

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David’s Mother’s Day gift

David drew a picture of a heart with blood vessels for me for Mother’s Day–all of this medical thinking even in his artwork πŸ™‚

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Strange IBD blood test results

I had this blood panel done (mostly out of curiosity). I do suffer from chronic constipation, but I absolutely have *none* of the symptoms of Crohns. The lab who did the test, came back with a diagnosis of Crohns (and … Continue reading

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